How I make the soft colour palette work

I’ve been a Colour me Beautiful consultant for over 10 years and I was delighted when they asked me to write a guest blog about my own colouring type.

Under the colour me beautiful tonal system of analysis, my dominant colouring type is ‘soft’.

Broadly speaking, this means that I have very little contrast between my hair, my skin tone and my eyes. My skin tone is cool and my eyes are a blue/grey colour. Because I’ve chosen to highlight my hair (ssshhhh), I’d describe my overall features as softened and toned down.

In the guest blog for Colour me Beautiful, I’m talking about how it is that I wear the colours in my palette and share a few tips.

You can read it here and I hope it inspires you to try out different combinations with your colours.

If you do need any help or you’re interested in learning how you can wear colour, get in touch.

Nine ways to add colour to your wardrobe

Wearing colour is so easy!

So, in this video, I’m going to show you how easy it is to add colour to what you wear.

I’ll show you nine simple ways that you can try out for yourself.

Which one will you try and wear??

Watch it here.

  1. Choose a top or a dress (in one of your best shades of course)
  2. Choose a pair of shoes or some boots
  3. Wear jewellery such as a necklace or even earrings
  4. How about a corsage or a colourful brooch (you could even wear it in your hair)
  5. Choose a handbag
  6. A colourful pair of gloves
  7. Wear a lipstick or lip gloss (in your best shade of course)
  8. Choose a scarf
  9. How about a hat?!