How to tuck and style a jumper

Sometimes you want some inspiration on how to wear the clothes that you’ve already got in your wardrobe.

It can be as simple as styling it a different way or wearing it differently. If you find yourself stuck in a style rut, reaching for the same things, this one is for you.

Here’s an example of two items I’ve had for years, but never worn together!

The jumper is fine, not shapeless, but the outfit doesn’t have a great sense of style, even though I’ve added a necklace.

If I was to just tuck in the jumper, it looks a bit untidy and ruffled. (not like those videos when they tuck their jumper into skirts and look effortless). You’ve got to take a bit of care with shaping it to avoid the bulges and create a nice line.

Watch this video as I show you how to tuck and shape it so it lays flat and tidy and creates some shape to your figure and silhouette.

How to tuck and style a jumper