What colour analysis consultations are available?

It’s been wonderful to receive lots of enquiries around colour analysis consultations recently!

One of the common questions is if more than one person can book a session. Of course!

Here I’ve detailed more information but, if you’d prefer to watch my video summarising this, click here.

One to two people

Individual consultations are the most popular, but you can experience the same session for two. Come with a friend or family member and get your colours (or your style) done together. More details of the sessions can be found here.

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday, subject to availability and take place during the day. Typically an individual session lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours. For a joint session, please allow around 3.5 hours.


Since Covid, the demand for groups have slowly risen and as a result, I’ve created some new packages. Full details of these can be found here.

The size of your group and how much time you have will influence the type of session available.

I’ve summarised the options below based on the size of group. However, if there’s something you’d prefer, have more or less people or anything specific in mind, do get in touch and I’ll try to accommodate your request.

3 to 5 people

For up to five people, my ‘Colour Confidence‘ workshop has been adapted using my basic colour analysis consultation.

As a group, you’ll learn about your colours and be able to see the impact of wearing colour on each other too. These sessions are more interactive and you’ll each take away your own set of fabric colour swatches.

Broadly speaking, you’ll need to allow a good half a day for this type of workshop. If you’re interested in booking a session, do get in touch.

6 to 12 people

For a slightly larger group, a format which works really well is my colour party.

It’s a great way to introduce you and your friends or family to the colour analysis system which I use and the different colouring types.

Everyone will learn what their core colouring type is, but you won’t learn the nitty gritty and depth of detail which I cover in the smaller sessions.

Typically lasting around 2 to 3 hours, they’re a fabulous way of gaining an introduction to colour analysis for anyone not quite ready to take the full colour analysis experience. They can also be a very cost effective and fun way to get a group together at a venue of your choice.

Work events, talks and presentations for more than 12 people

Depending upon your requirements, the group sessions mentioned above can be tweaked to fit your talk, presentation or work meeting. Ultimately, it’s down to the time you have available, how many you have attending, and what budget you have to spend. So, if there’s anything specific you’d like and you’ve got a larger group, the best thing to do is get in touch and I’ll be delighted to come back to you with a proposal.

I have been invited to all sorts of work meetings, sports and social clubs, schools and W.I meetings. If you’re looking for a speaker to deliver a talk, presentation or something a little different then this could be it!

Watch this video summarising the colour analysis consultations available:

Watch: What colour analysis consultations are available here

To book your session, get in touch