Let’s talk winter coats

A winter coat can be quite an investment, especially if you have colder months like we do in the U.K.!

So, how do you know what type of coat to choose?

How do you know that the big coat you have is fit for purpose?

Do you know how to assess if it works for you style wise?

Read our blog for some ideas on what to look for here.

In this video, Toni shares two of her own coats and explains why they work for her and what she’s assessing.

Watch it here

If you need help shopping or finding the right coat for you, get in touch for advice.

Choosing the right ‘big’ coat

‘Big coat’ time is surely now isn’t it? We’ve got darker nights and we want to wrap up warm! I feel like I’ve been wearing mine for months now!

I’m sure many of you own more than one winter coat; I know I do. Often your winter coat can be quite an investment so how do you know if it is fit for purpose? Should you be on the hunt for a new one when the shops re-open, what should you be looking for?

Before any purchase, I’d always suggest checking your wardrobe to see what you’ve already got to avoid buying another which is exactly the same – especially if you’re not wearing it.

What to look for

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it the right colour for you?
2. Does it fit?
3. Do you feel ‘you’ when you wear it?
4. Does it work for your lifestyle and how you spend your time?
5. Is it complimentary for your body shape?

Should you answer no, then I’d be questioning the purchase. If it is one you’ve had for a while, maybe it’s time to get rid – sell it or donate it if it’s still in reasonable condition. Can you make it work by wearing it differently or with a colourful scarf?

There’s a variety of coat styles in different fabrics and to suit all budgets. These are the three categories which I assess when I’m looking for a coat. You may find them too few or too many – it’s all down to your individual style and lifestyle.

Practical and casual

It might sound a little boring, but this type of coat is what I’d call the every day and all weathers. Think ‘duvet coats’ or padded coats which are great for walks, commuting or donning for the school run. Choosing a coat in a colour which suits and compliments you, especially as it’s worn near to your face is always high priority for me. Try either a neutral colour which can be accessorised with a colourful scarf or if you’ve had a colour analysis; choose one of your favourites colours from your palette.


This is the coat for the times when you feel the need to dress a little smarter and you feel the duvet style coat is a little too casual or ‘outdoorsy’. Perhaps it’s shopping or lunch with friends (tiering dependent of course) and you want to be warm but not hot running round or in and out of different venues.

A cocoon style coat could be more versatile and can keep you warm. Or a simple single breasted long line coat which is less bulky and often available in a choice of colours.

Trench coats are a good option here as well and versatile as they can take you through the seasons. They tend to come in lighter weight fabrics meaning you can layer up in winter whilst still remaining stylish.

Out out

Whilst admittedly this feels like a distant memory and may be one on hold for now. This is the much smarter coat you’ll wear for dinner, drinks or a party. Likely to be less practical but makes you feel like you’ve dressed up for the occasion! It could be a faux fur coat or one with a faux fur collar to add extra an wow factor (if that’s your thing). Or perhaps leather or velvet or animal print!

In a recent video, I share two of my coat styles and why they work for me so that it helps you to choose the right winter coat for yourself.Watch it here.

If you need help shopping or finding the right coat for you, get in touch for advice.