What to wear to the work Christmas party

The Christmas party season is fast approaching, but, what do you wear?

Take a look at these simple tips and you’ll be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.


I had to start here. At this time of year, the high street and online stores are full of lots of black options. If you’re a regular reader or someone who’s experienced a colour analysis, then you’ll already know that black isn’t a colour which suits everyone. Nor is it slimming (that’s a myth).

When Coco Chanel invented the little black dress, she arguably created a timeless wardrobe staple. Whilst the ‘LBD’ will always be a party favourite, if it’s not in your palette you’ll need to make sure you wear it with the right accessories to either soften the appearance against your features, or to take the attention away.

If you are light brown, blonde or a red-head then try wearing a lighter coloured necklace, such as pearls or metallic to reflect the lighter colours up onto your face.

If you’ve got strong and rich colouring like Eva Longoria or Meghan Markle, then there’s no reason to worry.

Fortunately, there is a range of colours out there to choose from, so why not take advantage of them to get you through the party season!


Green is another hit this season. There are varying shades of green to suit different colourings from mint, teal, peppermint to emerald green so choose your shade wisely and if in doubt, use your colour swatch wallet (gained during a colour consultation) to help guide you.


This is a great alternative to black and there is a shade to suit every complexion too. Always a hit at this time of year I find and there’s much more choice too. Go and explore!


Red is a powerful colour so you’ll certainly gain some attention! It isn’t for wallflowers but there are shades of red for every colouring. If you’re warmer toned, you’re best choosing a red with a yellow undertone to it and if you’re cooler, choose a blue based one.


Shimmery and sequins at the ready! There’s a whole host of metallic and sequin numbers out there. If you are cooler toned, then choose a silver or lighter coloured sparkle. If you’re warmer toned, choose a gold colour as these will flatter you the best.

Finishing touches

If you’re looking for the perfect way to finish off your outfit then I have just the solution. My range of super soft pashmina style scarves are available in six different shades (hot pink, teal, purple, scarlet red, apple blossom and coral pink), there’s at least one to suit your colouring. Order online or from the studio to gain the perfect cover up and add elegance to that outfit.

Finish with the perfect lippy to party in – your best shade of course! If you need advise on choosing the right shade, just get in touch.

T’is the season to party!

December is here which means party season!

I don’t know about you but it’s pretty hectic and going fast too. Not only is Christmas getting closer, but I’m sure many of you have parties to attend.

I had my first Christmas party a couple of weeks ago and decided that I’d buy a new dress for the occasion when I was heading out to the shops a few weeks ago.

I’m always surprised and a little disappointed by the amount of black dresses on the rails at this time of year and it did make me a little bit sad too. What there is this year is lots of sparkles, sequins, lace and velvet so more of what you expect for a party!

Black doesn’t actually suit everyone (sorry ladies!) so if you’re looking for a new outfit then try something with colour! Admittedly it may take a little more effort to find, but it’s definitely worth it!

Here’s my tips for our colour types:



Try wearing silver, blue, teal or violet colours.



Try midnight blue, damson, navy or aubergine.



Try out Bronze, olive or gold.



Try midnight, fuchsia, purple, charcoal or silver.



Try wearing royal blue, scarlet or purple.



Try out pewter, charcoal or navy.


If you really can’t face wearing colour, or you’re struggling then try something in a softer looking fabric such as lace.

Head on over to my Facebook page to view a quick video on ‘feel good dresses for the party season’ which includes some shopping ideas. Please like and share whilst you’re there.

Wondering what colour I wore? Plum!

Happy shopping and partying and if you need any help, just get in touch.