5 day challenge to help break the boredom of your clothes

In March, we introduced a five day challenge on social media. Aimed at helping you to break the boredom of wearing the same clothes on repeat: something which kept coming up in discussions!

Nothing too difficult or complicated, just a little motivation to get you wearing different things.

Some people took part by sharing their posts on social media and in our private VIP Facebook group. Others chose to take part behind the scenes but the messages received were so uplifting and joyful, it was a pleasure to be able to help.

We thought we would share the details here in case you missed out so that you can take part yourself. Feel free to tag us in any posts on social media and use the hashtag: #5daychallengetlc too.

Day 1 – wear a different colour

Day one challenge

Simply take a look inside your wardrobe and pick out something to wear in a different colour than you’d normally wear. Any colour you want in any garment you like! Simple. Colour helps to boost your mood too.

Day 2 – add an accessory to your outfit today

Day two challenge
Today why don’t you try adding an accessory to your outfit.

It could be a anything. A hat, scarf, gloves, brooch, tie, hair accessory, a belt or some jewellery! Just try to add something different to mix things up a little.

Day 3 – wear something you haven’t worn for a while

Day three challenge

It could be something smarter, something old or something you bought new and haven’t had chance to wear it just yet.

Just pick out one thing from your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a long time.

Day 4 – take something out that you don’t wear or doesn’t fit

Day four challenge

Today is about going into your wardrobe or your drawers and actually removing something that either doesn’t fit you anymore (and so you’re not likely to wear it any time soon) or that maybe you’ve just fallen out of love with.

When you remove things you’re not likely to wear, you’re actually clearing clutter which helps you identify garments that you can and will wear! If you can bring yourself to remove something, do. Pop it in a bag or a box ready to gift, give to charity or sell on.

Day 5 – pick out something that needs repairing

Day five challenge

This could be a missing button, a fallen hem, loose stitching etc. Something that has likely stopped you wearing the garment. It’s a common reason that things remain unworn.

Then, we want you to repair it! You don’t need to be a seamstress and nobody will be inspecting your repair but when you repair it, you’re more likely to wear it again.

So when you repair it later today, you can leave it out tonight and wear it tomorrow ☺️

We hope you enjoy the challenge! Why not join us at our next workshop when we’ll help you feel confident in what to wear. Click here for full details.

12 days of colour and festive ideas

Things are a little different this year and what a year it has been so far!

Christmas is also approaching at lightening speed so we’ve got a few festivities to take part in.

Colour challenge

On Monday 7 December, we began our 12 days of colour challenge over on social media. Everyone is welcome to take part and all you’ve got to do, is look out for our daily colour post and get involved by posting a pic of you wearing that colour with the hashtag: #12daysofcolour.

Each post counts as an entry into a draw at the end of the 12 days (so you’ll need to make sure you’ve done your posts with the hashtag before 19 December). One winner will receive a free ticket to one of our 2021 workshops and another winner will receive a £10 gift voucher. We just wanted to spread a bit of colour and have a bit of fun.

You can take part on Facebook (including our Facebook private vip group), Instagram and LinkedIn and you’ll have a maximum of 12 entries across all platforms for the challenge.

Christmas wish list

With lockdown and shielding, some people have struggled to get to the shops but more and more people are also supporting small businesses like ours. We are very grateful.

We have created a festive wish list which you can download, print, mark off and supply to whoever needs it so you can ask for your favourite items this year.

Open a copy here: Colour Me Festive Shopping List 2020

Festive gift packages

This Christmas, we have a range of gift sets available online and from the studio until 17 December.

Lip sync – lipstick, lip pencil, lip gloss and lip brush – £34.30
Festive eyes – Volumising mascara, eye pencil and eye base – £31.90
Velvet perfection – velvet touch foundation primer and choice of morning light foundation – £32.40
Cool Compact – Complete Magnetic refillable compact with shades designed for the cooler skin tone. Includes 1 x blusher, 1 x highlighter, 1 x lip cream, 4 x eyeshadows (1 is intense) – £60.90
Warm compact – Complete Magnetic refillable compact with shades designed for the warmer skin tone. Includes 1 x blusher, 1 x highlighter, 1 x lip cream, 4 x eyeshadows (1 is intense) – £60.90
Glowing complexion – exfoliating facial scrub and cleansing face mask – £30
PLUS 15% off the vegan, organic and cruelty free skincare range (excluding the gift sets).

Check out the Festive gift offers or view them online here.

Rocking red

Of course, red is a colour being featured within our #12daysofcolour challenge and it’s very festive isn’t it?

Did you know that there are actually 445 named red shades to choose from? So, you know there’s a red out there for you. If you’ve had your colours done and your hair colour hasn’t drastically changed, you’ll be able to use your colour swatches to guide you. If you’re not sure, get in touch to book one of our colour sessions. You can choose our workshop in January, a virtual session or a face to face session.

If you’re looking for a bold lip, look no further than red. My fave red shades to choose from are Red Carpet, Red Velvet, Strawberry and Tomato.

Available from the studio and online and if you’re not sure which shade to choose, drop us a line.