It’s fair to say that our wardrobes and the way we dress has changed over the past 12 months. How will this influence what you wear, if at all?

With a new season approaching and lockdown easing, what are you going to wear??

Are you excited to get out there, wear your ‘old’ clothes? Or, are you itching to get out and buy something new when the shops open?

Are you feeling a little apprehensive, not quite knowing what to wear, what suits you anymore or even what to buy ever again?

Introducing our What to wear workshop

Fear not! This workshop will guide you on what to wear crucially before lockdown is due to end, so that you feel confident about emerging into the new world!

With the new season approaching, the shops will be awash with new colours, new styles and new trends. Don’t get sucked into shopping mistakes by buying something that is available in the shops just because it’s fashionable or on trend. Some things just don’t work for you – and that’s ok.

What’s involved?

Let Toni make sense of it all for you during this virtual workshop lasting around 90 minutes with a Spring/Summer 2021 presentation.

This includes the current trends, what to shop for and key makeup items. You’ll hear about what’s available and how to review what you’ve already got so that you can make the right buying choices and feel good in what you wear!

Join from the comfort and safety of your own home on what could be the last Saturday in lockdown and prepare yourself to emerge ready for a brave new world!

During the workshop, you’ll learn:

✅ What the new colour trends are

✅ What’s out there for your dominant colouring type

✅ The styles and how to make them work for you

✅ How to style up what you’ve already got

✅ How to get your skin glowing again

What you’ll receive after the workshop (worth over £25)

✅ A style update card summarising the key colours and trends discussed

✅ A wardrobe checklist and declutter guide

✅ Shopping list and checklist of the key items

✅ A lipstick or lipgloss

✅ A sample of exfoliating facial scrub

✅ £10 off voucher (to be redeemed against a virtual or face to face consultation

Tickets cost £29 – get them here.