4 things to pack for a beach holiday

Holiday season is here but are you a regular over-packer?

Do you tend to panic pack last minute items ‘just in case’?

The key to successful holiday packing is to pack items which are inter-changeable which you can use in multiple ways. This way, you’ll actually take less away with you but still have enough outfits to wear.

There’s a short video you can watch on my YouTube here: https://youtu.be/4Z7rInRSDbI

Here’s the four items:

1. Use your travel bag as a beach bag (or vice versa).

2. A pashmina (or large scarf) is easily reached for when it’s chilly on the plane or an evening. But, why use it as a sarong for the beach or pool? The one featured in the video is a Colour me Beautiful super soft scarf. One is included with my colour analysis consultations but they can be bought from the studio or online here.

3. A shirt or shirt dress can be worn to the beach, pool or on an evening. Wear it as a dress, with or without a belt or try as a lightweight jacket if it’s chilly in the evening as an extra layer.

4. A kaftan might be an obvious choice as a bikini cover up but you can totally dress it up for an evening out. In the video you’ll see me wearing one in the day and the same on a night.

That’s four interchangeable pieces to take away with you on a beach holiday which can be worn in more than one way!

Which will you try?

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Tips on packing for a beach holiday

As summer solstice has officially begun (astronomically speaking), I wanted to share my tips to help you pack for a beach holiday.

How many of you have packed more than what you needed?

Simply put, think about holiday packing, almost like a mini capsule wardrobe.

It’s all in the planning.

Make a list

List out each day and what you’ll be doing roughly speaking (sight seeing, boat trip, beach, shopping etc). When you know how you’ll be spending your time, you’ll find it easier to pack what you need. Research the weather so you know whether you need to pack a rain jacket or an umbrella.

Get them out

You want to lay everything out that ideally you’d like to take and put them out on say a bed so you can see everything. When they’re all laid out see how easily they combine together in terms of colours and how many outfits you have.

For example, do you really want to take that one top if you’ve got nothing to wear it with when you’re over there? Leave it at home.

Interchangeable pieces

These are items which you can wear differently or use differently or wear for both day and night.

For example, your handbag that you travel to the airport with, could that also be used for the beach?

Another idea is a pashmina, which you might have as like a coverup for the evenings if it does get a little bit cooler, but you can also use it as a sarong.

Shoes and bags

How many of you take too many pairs of shoes? What I like to do is restrict my footwear, which is a challenge I have to admit.

And, I take one bag. I choose on practicality and ideally in neutrals or metallic colours so they’ll combine easily with other items.


In this video, I’m sharing what I’m packing for a four night break to Spain.

Watch the video here


Planning your outfits and what you’ll wear means you won’t overpack and when you get into the habit, it becomes less of a chore!

If you are finding that there isn’t enough outfits then this is where a carefully planned shopping trip can help. Because you’ll know the specifics of what you’re doing it will also make it easier to shop with purpose!

Help is available! Whether it’s¬†shopping or identifying the right colours and styles for you, don’t struggle alone.

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Dressing for the beach

The holiday season is upon us but, are you beach ready?

Fear not ladies, it’s remarkably easy to feel glam on holiday with a fabulous beach cover-up.


Here are my tips for dressing for the beach

Ideally, you want a beach cover up that can be easily taken off. A tight fitting tunic may look great, but add sun cream to the heat and it can be difficult to remove and getting stuck inside your kaftan is a look to avoid!

Next, be mindful of volume. If the fabric is opaque and you can’t see through it, be careful going too over-sized as if it’s too tent-like, then it won’t necessarily be very flattering. If it’s sheer, then your body shape will still be visible through the fabric which means you can go big.

Natural fibres such as cotton are best in the heat, but be warned as they also crease. Try a thin viscose or polyester mix is lighter and much more versatile and can be screwed up in your beach bag and it will still look great at the end of the day. Plus, being lighter it can be easily washed and dried and you won’t need to spend time ironing!



There are lots of different styles to choose from and for all budgets. Work out what your preferred style of cover up is:

  • tunic
  • dress
  • kaftan
  • t-shirt
  • long
  • short
  • patterned
  • plain

Ask yourself – which one do I reach for over and over again? What do I feel the most comfortable in?

Pick your style and then choose different colours (from your palette of course) so you’ll always look and feel fantastic.

One final point; Accessorise. Finish off your look with something as simple as a straw hat, a colourful beach bag or flip flops.

Enjoy and happy holidays !