Are you still lusting after the elusive capsule wardrobe??

Do you love the idea of having a carefully curated wardrobe that works for you?

During this practical workshop, Toni will go through the key stages involved in creating your own capsule wardrobe. One that works for you. Those attending will receive a copy of her capsule wardrobe workbook ahead of the session to allow you to follow it during the session.

This workshop has been popular in the past. It takes place virtually from the comfort of your own home so you’ll need a laptop, smart phone or tablet to join the session.

You will learn:

✅ Benefits of having a capsule wardrobe
✅ The true cost of your garments
✅ How to audit your wardrobe
✅ Guidance to help you analyse and plan your perfect wardrobe
✅ What’s inside a capsule wardrobe and how to create it
✅ Checklists of what you have and what you need

“That was absolutely valuable and a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

The workshop was great, relaxed, informative, organised and helped so much being talked through the workbook.

I’ll be performing a wardrobe audit, doing some planning and using the capsule wardrobe checklists to get everything set up and organised.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Book now!

Tickets cost £29.99 including the capsule wardrobe workbook available here.