The wardrobe staple

A navy jacket (or cardigan) is often seen as a wardrobe staple for many people.

The trick, like many things in your wardrobe, is knowing how to wear it successfully and repeatedly.

Don’t worry too much if the jacket you have isn’t navy. It could be another neutral colour like black, brown or grey! In fact, if you’ve seen my recent video about dressing up a casual outfit, you’ll see that my jacket staple is a grey check. It’s the theory of how to wear it which you should think about, as this is still the same.

How to wear your wardrobe staple sorted by colouring type:

Lights: Balance the depth of the navy with a lighter colour such as pastel pink.

Deeps: Team with a darker shade such as teal for a sophisticated look.

Warms: Balance out this flat neutral with warmer undertones such as daffodil.

Cools: Add contrast and pink tones such as rose pink for a fresh modern look.

Clears: Contrast your navy with bright clear colours such as light aqua.

Softs: Wear tonal colours with little contrast such as sky blue for an elegant look.

If you’re not sure which category you fall into, or you’ve changed since you were first analysed then it’s worth making an appointment for either an online or face to face colour session.