Kick start your wardrobe

Beginning a new year can often be the catalyst to new thinking, new things to try or simply a new image. There’s no doubt that if you look amazing, you’ll feel amazing too!

Here are three ways to kick start your wardrobe if you want to begin a ‘new you’ campaign:

Book a colour consultation (or a review)

Me showing my own colour swatches (there's 48 in a full palette now)

Showing my own fabric colour swatches (there’s 48 in a full palette now)

Never underestimate the power of colour. It really is rather magic. A colour analysis identifies your most flattering shades which even out your skin tone, resulting in a radiant complexion.

Over time, your wardrobe will become more coordinated because everything goes together and shopping mistakes become a thing of the past. You just need the knowledge to get started on your journey.

If it’s been some time since you had a colour analysis and your hair colour has drastically changed, then you may find it beneficial to have a review of your colouring type.

Let your wardrobe breathe and remove the ‘don’ts’

Remove any items of clothes that don’t fit, don’t flatter or you really don’t like. Creating space will enable you to assess what you have in your wardrobe and in turn, build outfits that you really love to wear. Trust me, you will have clothes left! If you’re not quite ready to get rid of them, do still remove them. Take them out of your wardrobe and from daily view. Put them in a suitcase or the loft if need be until you’re ready to say goodbye. Donate to a friend or charity or sell on Vinted or Ebay. If they’re high end, rent them out! Or why not upcycle into another garment or a cushion cover!

Cosmetic clearout

Speaking of wardrobes, it’s not just clothes we hang on to. Be ruthless with your make-up bag too.

cosmetic tube

Morning light foundation showing open pot sign of 12 months

Cosmetics don’t last forever so pull out any that you’ve had for a long while (like that lipstick you’ve had since 1982).

The open pot sign on cosmetics and toiletries indicate how long they’re good for once opened. Anything past this time period and you risk an infection. (I’ve given a broad guide about this previously here, but check your items as the manufacturer and the ingredients is what dictates the timeframe).

Only put items back in the bag that flatter your colouring too.

Ditch the black eyeliner and mascara as it’s not always the most flattering shade. Opt for something softer such as granite pencil or black/brown mascara.

I can show you your most flattering cosmetic shades if you need some help.

Mind the gap!

Once you’ve done these three things, you’ll have a much clearer view of what you have and perhaps what you don’t have.

Use the opportunity to make informed and purposeful choices about what to do next. Just because you’ve created space, doesn’t mean you have to fill the gap!

Remember, you removed clothes because they didn’t fit, don’t flatter and you didn’t like them so you might not have any gaps in your wardrobe. Perhaps with more space you’ll be able to identify that you’re short of a new top or some bottoms. A pair of boots or some jewellery instead. It could provide you with an incentive to organise the area better instead.

If you’re tempted to take advantage of any sales, just remember that these items are cut in price for a reason: they weren’t picked up at full price. And, it’s only ever a bargain if you actually wear it! Don’t be tempted to buy things because they’re ‘cheap’ unless you know exactly what you’re looking for and that you’ll get your monies worth out of it. The capsule wardrobe workshop will be returning in a few months time so if this appeals but you don’t know where to start, register your interest here.

Get in touch to book your colour analysis consultation

Need help with a wardrobe refresh?

It’s that time of year again when we have the urge to purge our wardrobe.

Did you tackle the job over Christmas? Or is it on the ever growing to-do list?

One thing is for sure, there’s a bit more joy when you open the wardrobe doors to neat and orderly rails and tidy drawers isn’t there??

A cluttered space affects how we feel but it can actually mean less outfit choices, as you can’t see the wood for the trees. When your space is more organised, you can actually see what you have. Things you can’t see, you won’t wear. With this ‘space’ it can also help to inspire new outfit combinations. I like to have my tops above my bottoms (in colour and type order) so that I can visually identify items to match up with bottoms.

But I totally get it. Any form of decluttering is a time consuming task. Not to mention how exhausting it can be to tackle your wardrobes and drawers in one go.

Here’s a few tips to help you with your ‘new year wardrobe refresh’:

  1. Start by turning your coat hangers so they all face the same direction. (Revisit my hanger trick).
  2. Next, remove any garments which don’t fit you, don’t make you feel good or don’t flatter you.
  3. Feeling overwhelmed? Too much or don’t have enough time? Break it into manageable chunks and focus on one drawer or shelf at a time. Read and watch my previous videos here.
  4. Got time but not sure where to start? Download my five step guide.
  5. Identify your staple items and must-have pieces. Staple items are the ones that you wear time and time again. Must-have pieces are the ones in the right colour, right style, right shape, fit your lifestyle and feel comfortable so you love wearing them! To help you identify what you have and how you spend your time, you can use my wardrobe charts.
  6. Do attack your smalls! Get rid of old and worn items. Donate any bras in good condition and check tights and socks for ladders and holes.
  7. Jewellery and accessories are often overlooked but these items can transform ANY outfit. Tidy out and organise these so you know what you’ve got! Take pics with your clothes if it helps you create outfits.
  8. Women love shoes and bags which means we tend to hang onto them, long after we ‘need’ them. I’m betting there’s a pair of shoes or a bag which you bought for a wedding six years ago to go with an outfit that you now no longer have or doesn’t fit?! Get them all out and give ’em a good clean and tidy. Assess what might need repairing and what may need a new home.
  9. Not strictly wardrobes but your makeup and toiletries need a regular clean and declutter. Multiple bottles of shampoo, moisturiser or lipstick? If they’re years old (and been opened) they’re no doubt out of date. If you tried them and they don’t work for you or suit you then why keep them? It’s hard to let things go when you’ve paid a lot of money but you’ll never use them! There are now recycling boxes at some stores so check locally. Don’t forget to look for the little ‘open pot’ sign on your toiletries as this number represents the months each item is good for once opened. Clean your brushes and sponges too.
  10. Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe that works for you! It’s the number one thing people tell me they want to achieve from their wardrobe but just have no idea where to start or how to achieve it. Now you’ve done your refresh, book a ticket to my capsule wardrobe workshop on Saturday 22 January at 2pm! Tickets are available here..

Items you might need:

  1. Bin bags – ideally four: one for rubbish, one for the ones you’re not sure of and will review again, one for the ones you want to sell or donate and another for the ones that need repairing.
  2. New hangers – thin velvet ones are ideal as they take up less room.
  3. Boxes or organisers to help with storage of scarves, tops, vests and jewellery
  4. A laptop, smart phone or tablet to join the capsule wardrobe workshop mentioned above!


I hope this helps you to make a start on your wardrobe and the small changes you feel empowered to make gives you the motivation to keep going as you will feel lighter and clearer by doing this.

But, if it leaves you feeling overwhelmed- ask yourself why…what is feeling too difficult and do you need some professional help?

Do you know what colours actually work for you or is this stumping you from starting the edit as you have no idea?

Do you know what styles suit you or has your body shape changed (regardless of Christmas indulgence!)…so now you have “settled for clothes that cover but do little else to make you feel good?

An edit can be great for helping you see what the problem is and if you can identify this then I can help to solve them! Just drop me a line and get in touch to see what session would work for you.