Navigating Black Friday sales

The noise is beginning to get louder, have you noticed? Black Friday madness is well underway.

I know it can be really boring/frustrating/overwhelming to get loads of ads and emails about the best offer you’ve ever seen (only to find that 2 weeks later it wasn’t quite so good…)

Now, I love a bargain like most folk but it’s easy to get sucked into something which you later regret and it’s something I hear all the time (about how many clothes you have and many are unworn).

So, I wanted to provide some guidance and tips to try and help you navigate the sales and offers to try and help you avoid making mistakes you might later regret!

Starting from TODAY at 12pm, I’m delivering something a little different – here’s the details and how to get involved.


You’ll get an email from me with some practical advice about helping you to prepare. Fail to plan, plan to fail and all that.


Day 2, a further email from me with another bit of advice – one of my faves in fact.


Expect a bit of tough love here as I’ll share some well-meaning advice around purchases.


I’ll share how I put these tips into practice myself so you know it’s all possible.


It might be the ‘big day’ but hopefully you’ll feel better prepared to tackle the madness and make fewer mistakes. It isn’t about not buying things, but simply learning a few tips along the way about how to be more thoughtful with your purchases instead.

For anyone who find that they might need some more guidance, I’ve put some offers together to help you.

How to take part

The good news is that if you’re already subscribed to my emails then you’ll be automatically included. You will also have received an announcement from me last Wednesday to let you know what’s happening and give you the option to opt out.

If you’re not already subscribed to my emails, then now is the time to get involved!! Simply fill in your details here and you’ll get the tips straight to your inbox on Monday at 12pm. And, please do check spam just in case it gets stuck.

How to opt out

If you do get fed up part way through or you’d rather not get involved then there will be a link to click so you can stop receiving the emails. Simply click the big pink box and I’ll get on with the rest.

Not taking part?

Here’s a few things to support you too.

Please, only buy what you need and what you can afford.

Sometimes it’s worth reviewing what you’ve got. One piece of advice I give during my Capsule Wardrobe Workshop (coming back in 2023 by the way), is to operate a one-in, one-out policy. Especially if you’ve got a lot of clothes. Every time you buy something new, something else you already have needs to go. Let me clarify; by ‘go’ I mean leave your home. Charity shops, Ebay, Vinted or a friend in need.

If you’re shopping this season and need some extra direction then do check out my autumn/winter seasonal updates here. This video on 4 tips for an autumn audit may also be useful.

This begin on Monday at 12pm