Advice on sunglasses (and glasses)

Some people find it really challenging finding glasses – are you one of them?

When I was younger, I used to find it challenging finding glasses which would suit my face. I often found that glasses were too big for me so I would tend to shop in the children’s section! As an adult, on occasions, I find similar problems shopping for sunglasses.

Here’s my top tips which are also relevant for glasses as well as sunglasses:

1. Colour

Opt for a frame colour which compliments your physical features. This can be even more important if you wear them all the time as wearing a shade which is too harsh for you means they’ll stand out and be really prominent on your face. I had a client who came with her sister recently who wore glasses and they were quite heavy for her softer features. Her sister had much richer colouring and so they didn’t dominant her face in the same way and flattered her darker tones much more.

If you’ve had a colour analysis consultation and know your colours, simply choose a shade from your swatches. If you’re worried about matching or clashing, opt for a metallic or pick one of your neutral colours (marked as an ‘n’ in your swatches) as these will ‘go’ with more of your clothes and makeup.

Should you never have had a colour analysis or you’re not sure on the shades that suit you, this could a lengthy trying session! Opt for shades which bring out the colour of your eyes or your hair colour. Try metallics, a charcoal rather than black or an all rounder like a true teal or true purple (which are neither warm nor cool and neither light or dark). Alternatively, book yourself in for one of my colour analysis sessions.

If your features are rather dramatic, striking or rich, a rimless or semi-rimless shape will be less flattering for you compared to if you’re paler or have less defined features.

2. Style

One areas where you can really express your personality is through your glasses. So, if you’re happy to let your glasses do the talking and make a statement, go for a bolder colour or a more dramatic stand-out shape. You won’t need to worry about them matching or clashing if this is you either! ¬†Frames are made from all sorts these days and not just plastic. There’s titanium, recycled plastic bottles, wood to name but a few! Think of the occasions you’ll wear them and if they work for your style and lifestyle.

Learning your style personality can be helpful which is something which I go through in detail during my style and image consultation. This will help you narrow down your choices.

3. Face shape

Broadly speaking, choosing the opposite frame to your face shape will be the most flattering. So, if you’re more angular in your features, choose a more curved frame or edges will flatter you the best.

A simple way to establish your shape is to look in the mirror and draw around the outline of your face using a lipstick or lip or eye pencil. (use something which you can of course clean off!) This will help you visually see the outline and what shape you have.

4. Fit

I talk about this with clothes all the time, but it’s just as important for your glasses. There’s nothing more annoying than when they slip down your nose! Check that they sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose. Do they rest on your cheeks? Touch your brows? Can you see out of the centre of the lens? All factors to watch out for but note that your prescription if it’s glasses (being short or long sighted) may also distort the appearance of your eyes and the makeup you wear.

5. Seek advice

Some opticians are better than others with the styling advice but not many are trained in style.

Glasses and sunglasses can be expensive purchases so it pays to spend time getting it right. Potentially, you’ll wear them more than anything else! In some countries, they have a collection of frames to choose according to the occasion and what they’re wearing! In this country, we tend to stick to just one or two pairs.

If you don’t feel happy, don’t be rushed into a decision. Try and take some pictures whilst trying any glasses or sunglasses on. You tend to see yourself in photos differently to how you see yourself in the mirror!

I’ve accompanied a few ladies in my time on shopping trips so this is always an option if you need help. Alternatively, you could book a tailored glasses session before you venture out which usually takes around 40 minutes.

If you need help, get in touch