Six ways to wear one top

How many things do you have in your wardrobe that you simply aren’t wearing?

Let’s put lockdowns and restrictions to one side for a moment; are you really making the most of the items that you have?

I often find that people compartmentalise when they can wear certain clothes. Whilst practical, this method can also be restrictive. It stops you from wearing things as you’re telling yourself it’s not ‘right’ and denying yourself permission to enjoy your own clothes!

It’s totally understandable and relatable but consider this instead: the more times you wear something; the better value that purchase is! As a good old fashioned Yorkshire gal I like to think of this as ‘£s per wear’. The lower this figure becomes, the more use and value you have got out of it.

To help illustrate my point, take a look at this example:

One top worn with three different bottoms and one dress, creating six different outfits.

one top six outfits

What items do you have in your wardrobe that you aren’t wearing?

Consider why not: are they the right colour or style? Do they fit and flatter your body? Are they comfortable to wear? Do they still fit and feel appropriate for your lifestyle?

If you’re answering no to the above questions then it may be time to say goodbye. No guilt required – I’m giving you permission to let it go!


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