Introducing Style dilemma SOS

Are you fed up of your wardrobe and sick of not knowing what to wear or what to buy?

You’re not alone!

Maybe it’s lockdown, or maybe not, but I’ve had many conversations with people who are so fed up. Nothing seems to fit, nothing seems to work and they’ve actually lost confidence in how they dress!

If this sounds like you, then this announcement will be of interest.

Introducing Style Dilemma SOS

Want to be able to talk to someone who can help you resolve your styling dilemmas?

Answer your dressing challenges and put you back on track to loving your clothes again?

This is for you.

It’s a dedicated and bespoke 1 hour service all about you.

We can tackle a specific style issue you’re having or address any challenges or questions you might have about what to wear or what suits you.

It takes place virtually from the comfort of your own home. Video is best, but if you’re zoomed out then we can always discuss on the phone.

Here’s what Anna said after her session with me:

Thank you so much for this morning. I found it very useful and insightful. Loved the time spent with you – left with a passion for clothes. Thank you so much!!

Let me help you to get your mojo back. Get in touch to book your session now.