Zero waste week – an update from the studio

This week (5th – 9th September) marks the start of ‘Zero Waste Week‘ which has been running for a few years. It coincides nicely with ‘Second hand September‘ run by Oxfam for the entire month of September.

Now, this isn’t meant to be me on my hobby horse telling you what to do whilst wagging and pointing my finger.

Instead, I want to shine a light on some really important campaigns. After all, nobody can do everything, but every person can do something.

For the purpose of this blog, I wanted to share an update on the zero waste efforts I’ve been tackling in the studio for consultations.


This has always been the utmost importance in the studio. Whilst the use of PPE has diminished, hand sanitiser remains as does the sanitisation and cleaning policy!

Makeup brushes are washed, cleaned and sanitised after each client with a gentle cleanser and a ‘brush egg’; something I’ve used for many years now. It’s like a cleaning mat which you can rub the bristles to clean them and is just as good as the fancy electronic ones in my view. See below for other applicators.

Each makeup product is also sanitised after each use using this antibacterial spray.

A new white cotton cape is used for each client and hygienically washed after each use.

Makeup applicators

Some products don’t lend themselves to be applied with brushes or hygienically. At home, you’ll often use your own fingers and hands but I’m sure you understand why this isn’t an option in the studio.

Foundation is applied with a brand new sponge wedge for each client. You’re welcome to take it away with you to use at home – just ask. If you don’t, I wash them and reuse them myself to avoid waste. Pop them in a net bag in the washing machine and let them dry naturally. You’ll need to dispose of them when they start fraying and they’re available online and in many pound shops.

As there’s no double dipping on any ‘wet’ products (eg. mascara or lipsticks) it means a separate applicator for each use of every product. Unfortunately, these applicators are predominantly plastic based, tricky to recycle and a single use limit. For now, I’ll use up the supplies I have whilst searching for plastic free alternatives.

Cotton buds are now paper stemmed and single limit use. Reusable cotton buds are ideal for your own personal use but aren’t practical in the studio.

Cotton wool balls are ideal for removing makeup when you arrive alongside the Rose Micellar Water. These aren’t disposable but I have a healthy supply. On a personal level, I switched to reusable makeup pads over two years ago. They can be washed after each use and used repeatedly.

Reusing plastic

The plastic lids from the cosmetic compact refills are being reused and repurposed!

These cover and protect the eyeshadows, blushers, powders and lip creams made for the magnetic compact. I retain the lids from the used products to hygienically decant lipstick samples for clients to try. I’ll admit they are a bit fiddly but it reduces the number of disposable lip brushes used and allows you to try different lipstick shades on one plate! Each lid is sanitised after each use to be re-used.


Fabric swatches for colour consultations are packed and delivered to me in plastic resealable bags. These are reused for makeup orders from the studio and for storage.

Recycled packaging

On the subject of packaging, I’ve been re-using and recycling packaging for many years (who doesn’t love a good box??). So, when you order from the studio (and can’t collect), the outside packaging has been reused and your cosmetics will likely be inside the plastic resealable bag I mentioned above. Please reuse them again yourself.

Orders shipped directly from Colour me Beautiful (CMB) Head Office (using the affiliate shop link), are packaged with paper in Jiffy bags or cardboard boxes too.

Plastic free products

CMB have confirmed that there’s no plastic in any of the skincare or cosmetics manufactured and supplied in the studio.

The skincare range is manufactured in the UK from recycled containers and is naked of any additional packaging (so it doesn’t come inside a box). Once used, you can recycle the container (but please dispose of the pump or lid).

Over 90% of the cosmetic range is manufactured in the UK and is naked of excess packaging too.

Earlier this year, I introduced a colourful range of tote bags which are a great alternative to single use plastic bags. I chose cotton as it’s a natural material and has a long lifespan, though I am conscious of the water needed to grow cotton originally. They make an attractive accessory to add colour to any outfit with long handles making them great shopping bags.

Remember, nobody can do everything, but every person can do something and I hope that you’ve found this update useful. Should you make a purchase from some of the links in this blog, I may earn commission from your purchase and I appreciate your support.

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