For the dramatics – Iris Apfel’s H&M collection

Earlier this month, it was announced that Iris Apfel is set to launch a brand new clothing collection with H&M.

Apparently, she’s a H&M fan (who knew?) and the collection is available to purchase from 31 March.

She’s certainly got a rather eclectic taste which is evident in the new H&M collection! I’d say the clothing line will be a huge hit if you’ve got a more dramatic style personality.

Iris is in her 100th year which I think is remarkable and admirable. I love this quote from her and wholeheartedly agree:

Style is not about spending a lot of money. It’s not about what or who you wear, but how you feel when wearing something. Style is about self-expression and above all, attitude

I never grew up with a lot of money and designer brands aren’t for everyone or their budget. But, when you don’t feel good in something, it actually shows. When things don’t fit or flatter you, then you won’t feel happy or comfortable.

I do believe that you can get value for money from whatever you buy though. ‘£’s per wear’ is my motto and something I say to my clients all the time. The more times you wear something, the lower the £’s per wear becomes.

£’s per wear

Let me explain by way of an example.

The collection from Iris is reported to start at £29.99. Let’s say you buy something from her new collection and you wear it once (or not at all if it’s really not your kind of style). That’s £29.99 per wear. Now, let’s compare that to an item you buy elsewhere that you pay the same price for but this time, you wear it three times. The £’s per wear on this item becomes £10 which actually makes this item much better value for money.

Buying things which make you feel good are a must in my view. So many people have wasted money over the years on things that they never wear I find. It’s understandable why they feel so guilty about it too. That’s why knowing and understanding what works for you is a must.

Here’s the three areas I focus on during my sessions with clients because when you understand each of these areas and how they apply to you, you’ll be able to build a wardrobe of coordinating items.

  1. Wear your best shades of colour near to your face as these will flatter your features the most.
  2. Choose styles which work for your personality type and how you spend your time.
  3. Pick fabrics and designs which flatter your shape and proportions.

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