Christmas Jumper Alternatives (and the history of the Christmas jumper)

Let’s face it, Christmas jumpers can be a bit naff! There’s a huge range of options available but most people already have at least one in their wardrobe.

I’ve got some tips and alternatives to share with you in this blog because you don’t have to feel your style has to be compromised.

Christmas Jumper Day

The official ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ was introduced in 2012 to help raise funds for children facing serious issues like war, hunger and poverty. It’s an annual event, by Save the Children charity. Here’s more information and how to get involved:

In 2023, Christmas Jumper Day takes place on Thursday 7 December.

Christmas Jumper history

There’s many articles in circulation about where Christmas jumpers originated from. Norway, Scandinavia and Iceland are all named. Often knitted by hand in heavy, locally sourced wool and designed to keep people warm during the cold winters. Similar nordic style patterns still feature today which are much more traditional and less garish than some we see.

Pounds per wear vs cost

Are you like me and roll out the same ones every year?

Let’s say you buy a new festive-themed jumper from the high street giant: H&M. Currently they have Christmas jumpers online from £15.99.

Using my £’s per wear calculation, if you only wear it once, it’s £15.99 per wear.

Wear it another day and it becomes £8 per wear.

Roll it out next year and wear it twice more and you’re down to £4 per wear. Repeat again the following year and it’s £2 per wear.

These principles are the same for any clothes and not just for Christmas festive wear!

Christmas jumper alternatives

The cheap, comedy festive jumper might not be your style, so how about something more stylish which you can wear throughout the year?

I’ve researched and picked out 25 alternative festive styles which you can view (with links) here.

Do check eBay, Vinted and charity shops too.

A Christmas Jumper is not just for Christmas!

Finally, there is a serious side to the production of Christmas jumpers.

Millions are produced every year on top of the millions already in circulation. Arguably, it’s a prime example of fast fashion. Cheaply made by people who aren’t paid a fair living wage where the environmental impacts are questionable.

Get more use out of yours by wearing it every day – a jumper’s not just for Christmas after all!

Garments made from acrylic, will not be sustainable or biodegradable. Acrylic is a plastic which is made by fossil-fuels. When washing, they release microplastics into marine environments, polluting our oceans.

Those made with recycled plastic bottles might not be a better option. Once turned into clothing, the plastic cannot be recycled again so it removes them from the circular recycling loop. Plastic bottles can be collected and recycled multiple times, clothing made from plastic cannot, so it’s destined for landfill.

This year, why not keep wearing what you already have or consider a swap with family and friends. You could even customise your own by adding decorations to it. Or, why not knit your own like Mark Darcey’s mum in Bridget Jones!

Remember: buy less, choose well  and make it last. Don’t compromise, even if it is just a Christmas jumper! If it doesn’t tick all of the boxes that suits you (colour, style, fit, fabric) that you can wear again and again, then does it deserve a place in your wardrobe?

How to disguise the extra bulge this winter

I’ve long been a believer that how you dress has an impact on how you feel.

It’s not just Christmas that can be blamed if you feel that you’ve got a little extra bulge and cushioning, but lockdown too!

Clever dressing can help.

As it’s much colder here in the U.K., we tend to reach for the knitwear which add layers to our bodies to help keep us warmer.

But, if you are carrying a little extra weight, especially around your middle or you’ve lost definition in your waist, then you may need a different approach to dressing.

One of the most difficult things to get right is knitwear as ‘bulk’ might not be your best friend.

Here are some tips to bear in mind when choosing your knitwear

1) Stay away from figure hugging jumpers. Especially if you’re wearing skinny or straight-leg jeans. Your silhouette will not thank you!

2) Watch out for chunky knits. These will add bulk to your middle area – often something you don’t want to do.

3) Asymmetric hemlines are excellent at tricking the eye. They take the focus away from any troublesome bits.

4) Jumpers that are longer at the back can be very flattering. They cover ‘flat’ bums but also add a little interest. Make sure the front isn’t too short. It should be at least as long as the bottom of your hip.

5) Oversized sweaters cut straight can be great shapes for those of you with straighter bodies and little waist definition. If you carry quite a bit of weight around your tummy, look for jumpers that hang from the shoulder.

6) Stripes can trick the eye. Horizontal stripes can be slimming especially if they are variegated. But generally speaking any other detail on the bust and torso should be avoided. Why? Because wearing pattern will draw the attention and the eyes. If you don’t want to draw attention to a particular area; don’t highlight it with pattern.

7) If you are busty, opt for an open neckline or a v neck. It’s much more flattering.

8) Fine to medium weight knits are your friends. Try something like Merino wool.

9) Add a long scarf. It will give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and provide focus.

Style it out at home

If you need any help shopping for items or styling up existing ones, now is the time to experiment! Use the time in doors to try out different combinations. Take photos to refer back to as well – you’ll be surprised at how different you look in a photo compared to the mirror.

Finally, if you’d like any professional advice, why not get in touch? You can now schedule a quick chat with me here. I can help you virtually from the comfort of your own home. Both zoom and face time have worked a treat during lockdown and it might just give you the boost you need!