How long do you hold onto things until they’re fashionable again?

Over the last few months, I’ve found myself looking at clothes I swear I wore when I was in my late teens and early twenties! Perhaps you’ve found the same?

It just goes to demonstrate what I’m always saying about ‘fashion’ and ‘trends’ – they tend to be repeated.

Keep or get rid?

I’ll confess, there was a little bit of me wondering if I should’ve kept these garments. After all, I could have worn them again and been bang on trend!

Then I realised that

a) it’s over 20 years ago

b) it’s unlikely they would still fit me and

c) that’s not who I am anymore. It isn’t the image I want to leave behind.

Let me assure you that this isn’t an age appropriate thing. You can and should wear whatever you like however old or young you are. You’re a grown adult after all. I’m not here to tell you what to wear. Instead, I’ll advise and guide you on what suits you so you understand why it makes you look good so you can feel good in what you wear.

Shopping mistakes

Time and time again, I’m told that you can’t quite let something go.

You often feel guilty about the purchases you’ve made and sometimes feel a bit embarrassed over the (costly) mistakes.

Let me assure you I have met many women who feel like this. In my view, there’s also little point in beating yourself up over something that’s already happened. We can’t change the past after all.

If you find that you’re hanging onto things in the hope that one day they’ll be ‘fashionable again’ (or that they fit you again come to that), it could be time to hit pause. After all, if you keep making the same mistakes and expecting a different result then it’s time to seek some advice!

Let’s say these garments were in fashion again, how long have kept them for this to happen? Be honest, given it may be 20 or even 30 years ago, would you actually still wear it? Would it still fit you? Do you even have the space for it??

Please don’t think this is about growing old or being boring. It’s just I have found with the many women I have met, that life and experiences shape us. They change our priorities and sometimes our lifestyle. We change jobs, have a family, people pass away, we hit milestones in our life and our bodies change. Sometimes these factors impact our confidence too.

The clothes we wear make a statement and they tell a story. I for one aren’t too fussed about telling my 19 year old story again, thank you all the same.

Ready to hit the pause button?

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