What’s the difference between Oil and Serum?

Choosing the right skincare can be a nightmare. There’s so many products and solutions that you don’t often know what’s worth spending money on, or when you do, it’s not good for your skin and it sits languishing in the drawer or cupboard and you need to find another option.
We began using the Colour me Beautiful skincare range personally, before using with clients and have a loyal fan base building. But, there are two products which seem quite similar and so we set about identifying the differences between the illuminating grapefruit and orange facial serum and the age defying lavender and frankincense facial oil.

Lavender & Frankincense Facial Oil

This natural blend of ingredients deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. Lavender oil not only boasts potent anti-inflammatory properties, but is also soothing for the skin. Frankincense (liquid gold) used cosmetically, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin imperfections such as discolouration. It also stimulates the growth of new cells.
The surge of moisture increases elasticity and ensures that moisture levels are retained. The most effective time to use this product is at night because this is when cell regeneration speeds up. It is possible to use this during the day, but due to the oiliness, you may prefer using it when foundation or tinted moisturiser is not being worn. Suitable to all skin types.
This is what our clients had to say:

I use this product most evenings. When my skin feels particularly dry as a result of the cold weather, I really notice the difference to my skin the following morning. It feels much silkier, smooth and rehydrated.
I had the age defying facial oil for Christmas and absolutely love the smell and the feel on my skin! It feels amazing and like I’ve had a facial!

Grapefruit & Orange Facial Serum

This actually has a totally different effect on the skin. The citrus infusions with avocado and strawberry illuminate and brighten the complexion whilst helping to even out the skin tone. It deeply penetrates and restores vitality to the skin plus its rich in collagen restoring vitamin A and C and beta-carotene.
Deeply cleansing and regulating the pore activity to unclog residue and prevent unsightly blemishes. Increasing skin luminosity and brightening with fruit enzymes. Papain, the enzyme found in papaya, promotes skin regrowth and lightening activities creating softer, more even skin.
It can be used during the day or evening but because it’s not oily, it’s ideal to wear before your application of moisturiser or day cream and wear without impact under your makeup. Ideal for all skin types.
Here’s what our clients had to say:

I was really impressed with the illuminating facial serum as it really felt like it soaked into my skin creating a glow from within. Thank you so much Toni for the recommendations, I’m so impressed!
Love, love these products. Especially the illuminating facial serum – the smell is amazing!

Both products are available from the Colour me Beautiful range which is organic, vegan and cruelty free. The products come in recycled packaging and airless pumps and are made in the U.K.
The Facial Serum is priced at £25.80 and the Facial Oil is £25. Both products are available to buy online here. To try a sample or to order from the studio, please contact Toni: Toni.carver@tlcstyleandcolour.co.uk.