Choosing sunglasses

If you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses then read on!

Picking the right pair which suits you will depend upon your face shape. The general rule is to try and choose a pair which has a shape opposite to your face shape as these will be most complementary.



A cat eye shaped pair of sunnies works well as it widens the upper part of your face which also giving the appearance or narrowing your jawline.


Your face will be narrower at the forehead and jawline and widest across the cheekbones. Choose square shaped or rectangular shaped sunnies and avoid a round shape.


Whilst this is the most balanced face shape in terms of appearance, try choosing a pair which is shaped opposite to your face shape such as rectangular or square shaped.


The narrowest part of your face is at your jaw line so you want to give the appearance of width here to balance the look. Try rimless framed sunnies.


One final tip I learned was to take pictures whilst trying them on as it’s surprisingly different to see yourself in the photo than it is in a mirror!

Give it a go and remember to send me any pictures!!