What’s the difference between an online and a face to face colour consultation?

Getting your colours done is about helping you to understand the colours that suit you the best. The method of colour analysis and how it’s delivered has developed over the years.

Traditionally speaking, colour analysis involves ‘draping’ someone with fabric swatches. This has been the method of colour analysis consultations for decades whether using the ‘seasonal’ or ‘tonal’ systems of analysis. These two mainstream approaches are very different and you can read more here.

Online colour analysis has been around for a while but wasn’t quite as mainstream. It’s delivered slightly differently as it is provided virtually and not in person.

Whichever approach you are interested in, you should still gain the knowledge about what colours suit you and how to wear colour with confidence.

Online colour assessments were first introduced to our services in April 2020. During this time, we have received some fantastic feedback from clients. Read our reviews and testimonials here. Our online services will remain available even when we can resume seeing people in person as we understand that not everyone can attend in person.

Here’s some frequently asked questions on the difference between face to face and virtual colour analysis.

Will I still learn my colouring type with an online assessment?

Of course! You’ll learn what your dominant (core) colouring type is and how to wear the colours most suited to you. This means you can begin your colour journey with your 30 fabric colour swatches* (supplied after the session).

What’s the difference between online and face to face?

One is delivered virtually from the comfort of your own home and the other is held at our studio in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. An in-person session typically lasts much longer, is much more detailed and more refined. You’ll learn your dominant colouring type with both sessions and how it all works. Your secondary and tertiary colouring type will only be analysed at a face to face session.

Is online the same as I’d receive in person?

Almost. The online colour assessments have been designed to take account of the virtual world and fit around you. They last roughly half the time of the full face to face colour analysis consultations.

Will you send me some fabric to test before my online session?

There’s no need. Whilst there’s no physical draping, many of our clients use clothes from their own wardrobes (and other props around the house) to try out! You’re encouraged to have some garments to hand from your wardrobe which is something we wouldn’t have the benefit of face to face!

How do I prepare for the virtual session?

Once you’ve booked your appointment, you’ll receive a booking confirmation. This includes everything you’ll need to know and prepare ahead of the session. You’ll be asked to send at least one photograph before your appointment. This image needs to be taken fairly close up, in good daylight without any filters or makeup. You can supply photos with you wearing different clothes and colours or simply have them to hand for the session.

How do I prepare for a face to face session?

Once you’ve booked your appointment, you’ll receive a booking confirmation. This includes everything you’ll need to know and where to come for your appointment. Due to COVID, certain hygiene methods have been put in place and continue as good practice today.

Can I wear makeup?

For both types of sessions, you will be asked to be ‘make-up free’. This is so your natural colouring can be seen.

Will I learn the same information?

Yes. During both sessions, you’ll learn about the colour me beautiful system and how wearing colour can have such an immediate impact on your appearance. Examples are used to help illustrate the differences between the colouring types and how the shades of colour differ. You won’t learn your secondary or tertiary colouring characteristics online as this is only available face to face.

Do I receive any colour swatches?

Yes! With both consultations, you’ll receive a wallet of fabric swatches. Depending upon the type of consultation, you’ll either receive 30 or 48.*

How long will a session last?

You should allow 1 hour for an online colour assessment and anything between 1.5 and 2 hours for an in person consultation (depending which consultation you choose).

Is 30 colours enough?

That depends! Sometimes, 30 colours are enough but for others, it is merely the start of their colour journey. It’s down to each individual. Take a look in your wardrobe at how many colours you have and imagine having a wardrobe full of clothes in the shades of colour which work for you. A follow up session is available in person when you’ll learn your additional colouring types and a further 18 swatches to add to your colour wallet.

How accurate is an online session?

It’s just as accurate as a face to face session as it’s the same consultant providing the analysis who first began colour analysing people in 2011! The same skills and experience applies whether your session is in person or online.

Do you use any apps or programs?

No. A video conferencing system (zoom) is used for the virtual session. At this time, knowledge of any reliable applications or programs to accurately predict the ‘correct’ colours doesn’t exist to consistently do this. Besides, we aren’t robots and every screen is different too. Much the same as an in house consultation, the information is pieced together professionally based upon your physical characteristics to provide you with a range of colours that make you feel and look fabulous.

Can I wear the same colours in makeup as clothes?

Absolutely! If it’s good enough to wear on your body, why not on your face?! You’ll be shown some of your best makeup colours during both types of sessions and you’ll also receive a list of your best shades which you can purchase at a later date.

How well does online work?

Based upon the feedback received; very welL! Each person is different and if a virtual assessment isn’t for you, that’s ok. Choose to book a face to face session if this is your preference.

Can you accurately assess my skin tone virtually?

When looking at your physical characteristics, it’s not just your skin tone being assessed. Under the tonal system used, the colour of your eyes and your hair colour (even if it’s changed because of lockdown!) and how these combine together is also assessed. A ‘dominant’ colour analysis is available online as your secondary and tertiary characteristics is best and most accurately done in person.

Don’t colours look different on screen?

Yes they can. They can also look different depending upon the fabric and weave of a garment and you’ll know this if you’ve ever done any online shopping! That’s why both a virtual and face to face session focuses on how to wear colour and the shades of colour that work best for you based upon your physical features.

Do I need special equipment to book a virtual session?

You need a phone, tablet or computer and internet connection for any online session. You’ll be sent a link to join at your appointment time and you’re welcome to have a pen and paper handy too to take notes. A follow up email is always sent after any session booked.

What if I want to know all my colours?

No problem – you can arrange a follow up session in person and gain a further 18 swatches to add to your colour wallet. Alternatively, you can book a full colour analysis in person if you’d prefer this to online.


*If you live outside the UK, you’ll receive a set of digital swatches electronically rather than fabric ones in the post