Colour meanings for International Colour day

Today marks an interesting day for all colour lovers. March 21st is international colour day which was established by the International Colour Association

Why March 21st?

March 21st is the “equinox” where equi = equal and nox = night, meaning around the equinox, night and day are approximately equal in length. Essentially it’s when light and dark are equal but without light, there would be no colour. Can you imagine a world without colour??

The impact of colour

I love showing people the impact of colour and how to wear it. When a colour suits you, you look vibrant, younger, healthier and brighter. Your eyes sparkle and it has a positive impact on your mood and those around you. People notice and may even comment on how great you look.

Wear something which isn’t quite so flattering and dark shadows will appear. You’ll young tired or unwell and your mood may be somewhat flat. People may ask if you’re feeling OK.

During my colour consultations, I introduce you to colour, the impact and show you some examples. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes when you wear the right colours for you in your clothes and makeup.

But, people also see colour in different ways and we may describe colour differently. I’ve written about the ‘science’ and colour descriptives in a previous blog which you can read here.

The meaning of colour

A search on google will introduce you to a vast array of colour meanings and there’s been many studies on this topic.

Think about how you feel when you wear a certain colour. Perhaps you receive comments when you wear a certain shade of colour. Maybe you notice a change in someone’s behaviour, or perhaps you react differently?

Did you know that colour is the most influential reason for buying something. Think about the last item of clothing you bought and the first thing that attracted you to it. If it was the colour (and research suggests it makes up over 80% of your buying decision), you can see how knowing the right colours to buy will save you money in the long run!

Brands also use colour to influence your choices and feelings too. Let me explain further.


When we think of red, it can invoke feelings of love, excitement, energy, confidence. Apply that to the food arena and it can make you feel hungry or thirsty (think McDonald’s and Coca Cola). Ever noticed that ‘sale’ signs are usually red? You’re being enticed into a sense of urgency and not missing out. Wearing red can often project a feeling of confidence. A woman wearing a red lipstick or red dress is often referred to as ‘meaning business’ and essentially having the confidence to stand out and be noticed. But there’s different shades of red after all – they don’t all have to be so impactful!


Blue is the colour of the sky and sea so it can naturally create a sense of peace and safety for many. It’s why you often see brands use blue where trust is involved – NHS, Police and many banks. In a business sense, it’s often considered a more approachable colour than black. There’s a sense of calmness with blue too but we can often be described as feeling blue can’t we? This is thought to have originated from the 1300’s.


Undoubtedly, a colour which you think of brightness, the sun and happiness. Yellow is a very eye-catching colour and often used to draw attention – think hazard lights or warnings. When we wear yellow, it invites that sense of optimism and joyfulness.


Nature is full of many colours, but always lots of green. Think grass and trees. Being with nature releases a sense of tranquility for many too and you’ll see health companies use greens in their logos. There are many shades of green and I find it’s a colour which many association with school days.


This colour has a link in years gone by to royalty and was considered only for the wealthy. Purple is often associated with creativeness and mindfulness and from a colour perspective is usually one which suits everyone as it appears in everyone’s colour swatch palette’s.


A vibrant colour, orange is full of energy. Perhaps because it’s a mix of yellow and red but it can also feel quite impulsive too.

Get your colours done!

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