How to choose a handbag

If you’re thinking of getting a new handbag for the summer, I’m sharing a few tips on what to consider .


If you’ve had your colours done, use your swatches as a guide to shopping for a new colour to add to your wardrobe. Worth noting that because this won’t be worn close to your face, it also gives you an opportunity to wear a colour which might not be one of your best! There’s lots of lime again this season and if it’s not your most flattering, choosing a bag is a great way to wear a trending colour.

Choosing a versatile colour could also mean it goes with more of your items. A neutral colour can be versatile but so can metallic and I often find the metallic tones will work with multiple colours and styles too.


Whilst big bags aren’t for everyone, neither are tiny ones. It’s all down to knowing your scale and choosing a size of bag which is not just practical for what you want it for, but also which flatters your frame.

Generally speaking, a small bag will look more balanced on a smaller or petite frame and conversely, a larger bag will look better on a larger frame.


Recently, I’ve had a lot of ladies who are conscious of not drawing attention to their tummy area. During a style and image consultation recently, I was able to demonstrate how wearing and positioning a cross body bag to cover up this area can be a clever trick. Bulkier designs can actually draw attention to the area if you’re wanting to hide it.

A traditional handbag with grab handles and carried will draw the eye down and away from your tummy area too.


If you are wider in the hips as many pear-shaped, or are conscious of your hip area, try and avoid shoulder bags that finish at your widest point. Look for a bag with shorter straps so that it finishes under your arm. You could try and reposition the bag such as across the tummy too. This along with the way that you dress, will help to balance out your frame.


You can use texture and print to break up your long, lean look. A crossbody can help to visually break up the length of an area too.

Big bust

Short straps and cross body bags can both emphasis the bust area. Choose a long strap to draw the eye away from your chest area, as will a grab handle bag.


Whilst I’ve discussed lots of clever tricks above, your style personality will ultimately be the overriding factor. I’ve had a few naturals in the studio recently and even with the tips here, it’s about choosing what works for you. For example, a natural may prefer the ease and practicality of a cross body bag. But, they may have a big bust and wide hips where this style wouldn’t be the best. However, if they cleverly and strategically place the bag, they could make it work (such as moving to the front so it wasn’t resting on their hip and making sure the strap didn’t sit between the girls.

There are so many styles out there and available so focus on what works for your style first then narrow down to the right colour for you and then any tricks you need to make.

It’s all about understanding what works for you! You’ll learn many tips during a style and image consultation and appointments are available Monday to Saturday and last around 2 hours.