Is there a perfect heel height on shoes?

There is nothing more frustrating than wearing a pair of shoes and finding that they are killing your feet when you’ve barely worn them!

What makes one pair of shoes comfortable to one woman, is also very different to another.

Flat shoes do not necessarily mean comfortable shoes, but they will be for some. Wearing uncomfortable or ill fitting shoes can also cause damage to your posture so here’s a few tips for you to consider.


Block versus stiletto heels

Typically, a heel with a block is likely to offer much more support and possibly comfort versus a narrow heel as it will be more supportive and provide a more even weight distribution.


Too small versus too big

If your heel slips out of the shoe when you walk then they are probably too big. It has been reported recently that Meghan Markle wears shoes too big for her to allow her feet room to breath on account of her being on her feet during Royal visits.

If the skin on your foot sits higher than the shoe, it’s likely they are too small. Try either another size or a wider fit. Many shops do half sizes which could make all the difference.

Should your weight fluctuate, be aware of the impact on the fit of your shoes. Weight gain may mean you require wider fitting shoes.

Wedges are a good alternative as you can gain height and support, though they tend to be more popular in the summer months !



It’s reported that there are methods of measuring your foot in order to find the perfect height for you.

1) measure your foot from the ball of your foot to your heel. The ball is the padded part of your sole between the arch in your foot and your toes. This measurement is deemed to be your ideal height of heel and the most comfortable.

2) measure the full length of your foot from the heel to the big toe. Make sure you measure it in centimetres (or convert it) then divide it by 7. This is your healthiest heel height.


Style tips

You should always wear shoes which are comfortable for you but here’s a few style tricks.

  • A pointed toe will lengthen the appearance of your legs.
  • The more of the foot that is shown, the greater the illusion of longer legs and narrower ankles.
  • If you are petite, avoid ankle straps as they will visibly shorten the appearance of your height.
  • Avoid shoes with straps which fasten around the ankles if your ankles are wide.
  • Shoes can date quickly. If you choose a shoe trend that’s in fashion now, be sure to wear them – don’t be tempted to keep them for best.
  • As we enter the autumn and you move from sandals towards boots, make sure that the top of the boot stops at the narrow point on your legs.

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