My own colour analysis experience

It was over 15 years ago that I first heard the phrase “getting your colours done” from a lady I worked with. I had no idea what this was or even if it was a real thing! But, what I recall was how she dressed differently, wore more colour and seemed to exude confidence which she didn’t seem to possess before her consultation.

Not long after, I had my own colour and image consultation. What I recall at the time was a lot of information about me, dressing for my body shape, my proportions and also what suited me from colours to styles and makeup.

It was colour that resonated the most for me and it still does now. I was a ‘summer’ and I had my colour swatch wallet tucked away in my handbag which I used shopping for new items as well as for weeding my wardrobe of any not so good items.

The declutter

I recall purging my wardrobe not long after my session. Naturally, the most obvious items which didn’t suit my shape, colouring and which didn’t match my swatches were the first to go. But, there are always some things you aren’t quite ready to get rid of.

For me, it was black suits which I wore to work. At the time, I was working in an office in the financial services sector and I already knew that they didn’t compliment my colouring as they seemed to wash out my complexion. It was visible – I could see it and so could everyone else! I often received comments about looking tired or unwell (when I felt perfectly fine!). I also had a range of other items, in colours, which I frequently wore to work, but for some reason I wasn’t quite ready to let these go and so they remained in the wardrobe.

There were some mornings that I put the suits on, looked in the mirror and saw a drained and tired looking face staring back at me and each time, I promptly took them off and hung them back up! Was it because I knew they weren’t right for me? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, these suits remained hung up for around a year before I decided that enough was enough. If I wasn’t going to wear them, there were other people who could get their use out of them and bagged them up for charity.  

Future purchases were always in line with my swatches, wanting to both look and feel my best, but certain colours eluded me and it wasn’t until I retrained years later that I realised why.

I’d say it genuinely took me years to finally have a wardrobe that truly worked for me and suited me and my lifestyle, so you shouldn’t feel disheartened if it’s the same for you.

If you would like a little help and guidance when it comes to decluttering your wardrobe, download my free five step guide here. 

Colour and the impact

Colour was always my go to though. Whenever I wore my colours, I felt good and I had more confidence in my outfit choices and styling things to suit me.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a person who could dress effortlessly, chic or particularly fashionable. But, I had knowledge and tricks about how to dress for best effect.

Years after my session, I decided to retrain as an image consultant so I could impart the same knowledge and demonstrate that same amazing impact that dressing for your shape and lifestyle, in the right colours and makeup and how it can totally transform you.

Different methods of colour analysis

When I originally had my colour analysis, I didn’t realise that there were different methods of analysis available.

I’d personally experienced the seasonal approach all those years ago but there was another method which used a tonal approach. When I was looking at training, I looked into this further and the tonal analysis really appealed to me and so I chose to train with colour me beautiful who trained their consultants on this method.

The local paper wrote an article about me and my new services which still hangs proudly on the wall in my studio.

Toni Carver

It’s fascinating that there are so many colour theories which have developed over the years and adapted so that they still influence these main forms of colour analysis today.

With both approaches, when a colour combination is harmonious, whether that be with colours being worn as much as with a person’s colouring, then it is pleasing to view. The person will look healthy, they will look well and their complexion will look brighter. But, when that colour is not harmonious, the effect is the opposite and it will appear to discolour a person’s complexion making them look unhealthy, tired or unwell.

I’ll explore the two systems in a separate blog next week, but if you’d like to experience the impact that wearing the right colour has, get in touch to book your colour analysis consultation.