Ever noticed that some people wear scarves and they just look so ‘done’? Then you put one on and you look so ‘undone’? I hear you!

I’m not a massive scarf wearer, but there are a few I like to wear and I like the versatility you can achieve from one.

Everyone can wear a scarf, so here’s my top tips on how to wear one:

To finish off your outfit

A carefully chosen scarf can really pull your outfit together and just make it complete. Go from looking ok to looking fabulous in minutes! Choose a scarf in a shade that flatters your unique colouring and wear in a style that your happy with. (Check out the media page or my Facebook or Instagram page for ways to wear them).

Add a pop of colour

If you’re wearing neutral shades of colour, why not add a little oomph to your outfit with a brightly coloured scarf? Adding colour through a scarf is also a great way to breathe new life into an old outfit!

Rescue your outfit

Wearing a shade which isn’t your best or not in your palette? Try rescuing it with a scarf which is in the right shade to compliment your colouring. It’ll transform your look in an instant and nobody will notice the ‘wrong’ shades your wearing either. Problem solved.

Add texture

Sometimes you just need an extra layer, or to add something to a plain or simple looking outfit. Here’s where a scarf can really help you out so use it to accessorise.

Keep warm

It’s getting cooler here in the U.K. and at the end of the month, the clocks will change and winter will be here! Layer up with a chunky scarf or pashmina or wrap style to help keep out the cold!


If you’ve been supporting the movement towards less waste and more recycling, then a colourful scarf can be your new best friend. For the cost of a scarf, you can get multiple outfits too. With a scarf in a colour that can be worn with lots of other things that you already own, your £s per wear will be much more worthy too.

A scarf is a great accessory. It’s an easy way to wear a flattering shade next to your face and provides an instant update to any outfit. It’s also why I include a scarf (and makeup) with my colour delux consultation.

Why not try one of my super-soft or raw silk scarves? I’ve got six beautiful colours available in both ranges. Do you know which ones suit you?

Get in touch to let me show you your best shades and I can even treat you to a scarf tying demo!