Guest Blog: Top 10 nutrition tips and small changes by Sarah-Jane Johnston

In my first guest post for 2024, I wanted to introduce you to Sarah-Jane Johnston; a Nutrition Mentor and Coach, Pilates Instructor and the founder of evolution34. These 10 nutrition tips could be the small change you need which lead to improvements in your overall health and wellbeing.

Her fascination with nutrition came from finding out she had a severe wheat allergy at 19. Knowing the cause of her pain was linked to what she ate and the physical activity she carried out didn’t just help herself, but her future clients.

Similar to me, Sarah-Jane had a long career (23 years) in the events industry before launched her business: evolution34 to help people achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing goals. She’s an Associate with the British Menopause Society and a Board Member of the Barnsley Chamber Health and Wellbeing Forum.

Small Changes by Sarah-Jane Johnston

We often put pressure on ourselves, especially at this time of year to make changes. Reflecting on what we wanted to achieve in the previous year, and perhaps didn’t. But, it’s the small changes that can lead to the huge improvements you dream of.

Perhaps you’re aspiring to have a healthier diet and confused by social media and the so-called TV expert advice, so you don’t really know where to start. You may want to feel more energised, or find out what’s actually causing your IBS. Struggling to shift some weight, the noise and various diet plans can be confusing.

If something in your life is irritating you and your health, it’s your choice to make a change!

Common conversations around this subject often begin that you know that you “need to stop eating rubbish food, drink less and get to the gym”. Usually, this “start next Monday” approach doesn’t work for the majority of people. Monday will not happen unless you start with small changes, because life just doesn’t stop.

It’s important to decide what you feel is the most important aspect to start with. This can often be dietary intake which can help with any health concerns, energy levels and sleep problems. Then, you can begin to feel like being more physically active and do what motivates you, rather than what you feel is expected.

I believe in exercising both the body and mind which is why I combine nutrition and pilates. Pilates is an exercise for strength and stability and is a whole body work out too. Joseph Pilates developed 34 exercises and taught these using 6 principals: Breathe, flow, centering, concentration, control and precision. He said “in 10 classes you’ll feel the difference, in 20 classes you see the difference and in 30 classes you’ll have a whole new body.”

With your health and fitness in a good routine, hey presto; your overall wellbeing will shoot up!

Top 10 Nutrition tips

Pick one or two to start with and, once they are new habits, you can move on to another one.

  1. Make time for a seated breakfast within 1-1.5 hours after waking
  2. Include Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein in your breakfast
  3. Drink 2 litres of water each day (tea/coffee doesn’t count!)
  4. Mid-morning or afternoon snack (if needed) fruit and nuts are great
  5. Don’t eat your lunch stressed…if you’re at work eat away from your desk
  6. Take a 10-minute walk your lunch/dinner to fire up your metabolism
  7. If you drink juice limit this to 120ml the sugars in fruit change after processing
  8. Eat colourful meals for natural sources of vitamins and minerals
  9. Healthy swaps: potato = sweet potato, white rice = brown rice, pasta = lentils
  10. Healthy swaps: cereal = Greek strained yoghurt and berries, crisps = popcorn

I hope my top 10 nutrition tips inspire you to start making some good, new habits.

Should you require any guidance, I can be found at or call me on 07852333394.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2024.