Wearing orange for MS Awareness Week

MS Awareness Week 2022 runs from 25 April to 1 May. This blog is dedicated to the colour orange and those who are affected.

Like yellow (which I covered a few weeks ago here), orange is everywhere in the shops, but it can be tricky to wear.

Orange attracts attention and it isn’t as aggressive as red. It’s a fun and energising colour. On the right person, it can look fabulous!

If you’ve got a warm skin tone or red hair then orange can look fabulous. Due to the yellow base, it’s not as complimentary if you have a cool skin tone (unless you wear it on your bottom half).

It’s usually I shade I see in autumn so it’s nice to see it brightening the stores this spring.

orange river island SS22 suit

This particular outfit in River Island is very bold so it’s going to suit you better if you’re:

  • Deep and you have a warm skin tone. You could swap the top for chocolate or black brown too.
  • Warm as these colours are fabulous for you!
  • Clear with a warm skin tone. Try and swap the top or jacket out for black, emerald green or even yellow or one of your many reds.

For those of you who find orange difficult or not complementary to wear but you love the colour, here’s some suggestions.

  1. Choose a shade which is less ‘yellow-y’ like a coral pink tone. Or, go for a lighter apricot shade so it’s more of a nod to the shade of orange.
  2. If it’s a little overwhelming, be sure to wear it with one of your better shades like a neutral or another colour.
  3. Go for something like hot pink if you’re cool.
  4. If you have a cooler skin tone, try a sky blue or a neutral like taupe or navy.
  5. Blush pink can be a great alternative to the coral pinks.

Remember; just like all colours, there are hundreds of shades available from terracotta to the palest of peach. When you have a colour analysis consultation, you learn about colour, the impact and how to wear it.

The power of colour is transformational. It’s not just a palette of colours that you wear – your best colours will show YOU, they’ll lift you and increase your self-belief.

If you’d like to find out more about Multiple Sclerosis, visit: https://www.mssociety.org.uk/get-involved/ms-awareness-week

Use #MSAwarenessWeek on social media to help raise awareness.