All whites at Wimbledon, but who can wear pure white?

If you’re a tennis fan then you’ll have been glued to the TV this week and checking social media for the scores at Wimbledon 2019.

But, ever wondered why the players only dress in white?

Official dress code

Well, there’s an official dress code which you can visit on the Wimbledon 2019 website here. It’s rather strict and provides lots of rules, but in a nutshell, it states that players can only wear white. Not off white either, or cream. Just white.

That goes for their shoes too, including soles, all clothes and any accessories.

My research also shows that this dates back to the Victorian era as it was believed that the reason they wear white is that it showed less sweat. Despite times changing, the rules have certainly not relaxed and there are no signs of changing it either.

Flouting the rules comes at a cost too. It’s all white or no court action. Very strict.

If you’re not planning on heading to the Wimbledon courts, wearing white is a little more flexible thankfully.

Who can wear white?

You see, pure white doesn’t suit that many people. It’s notoriously a difficult colour to wear for most of us as it’s so pale that the majority of us just look totally washed out. The only people that should wear pure white are the Cool’s and Clear’s amongst us.

A nice off-white shade is much better for the majority of people. A much softer shade as it creates better harmony with our own physical characteristics so you’ll look healthier with a better looking skin tone.

Everyone can wear colour, it’s just finding the right shades of colour which bring out the best in you.

If you want to learn what colouring type you are and the shades which suit your characteristics the best, get in touch to book a colour analysis consultation.