Dressing for work in black – yes or no?

Take a look around your office or workspace. Are you or your colleagues dressed in black, grey or navy?

It’s very common in the workplace. When I worked in the corporate world, there was one particular team photo shoot where I wore a pink dress! I wasn’t meaning to stand out from my colleagues, but I did because of the colour. Importantly though, the dress fitted my shape, complimented my colouring and, more importantly, I felt confident.


Safe and slimming?

Many people consider black to be a neutral shade. It’s worn a lot by both men and women. It’s seen as ‘safe’ and an easy option. I hear it goes with every colour. And it’s slimming.

But, did you know that black is only a neutral colour for some people?In fact, under the tonal analysis system (used by Colour me Beautiful consultants), only those who fall into three of our dominant colouring types of Deep, Cool and Clear actually truly suit this colour.

For everyone else, other neutral colours work far better. In fact, there are some excellent alternatives to black which I would recommend. Plus you’ll look sooo much better!

Whilst you may think that black is slimming, this is only true if it is worn in the right style for you, the right fit and in the right fabric for your shape.

Get colour confident

Black might be safe, but it is rather boring. Worse, you could even be merging into the background. Have you been passed up for a promotion? Feel that you’re not recognised for your skills or taken as seriously as you would like? Colour really does have a big impact, whether you’re fully aware of the impact or not. Adding some colour could be a simple and easy way to get recognised, add to your confidence and widen your workwear wardrobe.

If you’d like to discover alternative colours which you can wear both in and out of the office, get in touch to book your own colour analysis consultation.

More details about my colour analysis consultations can be found here.

You’ll get your own colour swatch wallet to guide you when shopping too. See you soon!