What to do if it’s not the right colour for you

This is a popular discussion when people begin their image journey with me.

When you have a colour analysis session with me, we’ll talk a lot about colour and how to wear it for best effect.

It isn’t just about what colour to wear, but how you wear the shades of colour and combine them with others.

If you haven’t experienced your own colour analysis, you’ll know when the colour isn’t right as you’ll take the garment off claiming something along the lines of ‘it’s not right’. You often can’t put your finger on why. You might also find you need to apply more makeup so it balances you out. Or, you may see shadows under your chin or eyes, or your skin has turned a funny colour. These are all examples of when a colour isn’t right for you. When your skin looks smooth, you look brighter, younger, healthier and lighter then you’ll know these are the good colours for you.

When you’re assessing the colours in your wardrobe and specifically the ‘wrong’ colours, think of the three D’s:

Ditch it

When you have your colours done, one of the first things you’ll do is check inside your wardrobe and compare what you have to the colours in your swatches!

I encourage this simple task because there’s always something hanging in there which you’ve never been sure of. Each time you’ve put it on, you’ve taken it off shaking your head that you can’t quite put your finger on why it doesn’t look right. And so as soon as I confirm that it’s not one of your better shades, you’ll instantly want to remove it from your wardrobe!

Dye it

Always an interesting one this as it can divide opinion. Sometimes, a garment isn’t quite the right shade but you can’t bring yourself to ditch it. So, it hangs there for a little longer. Unworn and unloved. Of course, I’m not going to arrest you for wearing the wrong colour remember, but I do understand that once you know something isn’t right, you don’t feel as compelled to wear it! The way I see it, there’s three options:

1. Wear it. It’s not your best so if it’s worn near to your face then just be aware that it isn’t your most flattering and you risk those annoying questions asking if you’re feeling ok as you look poorly/tired etc. If you can wear it away from your face or with a scarf, then this will work also.

2. Change the colour! If you can’t bring yourself to ditch it because you spent money on it / like it / it fits well, then simply change the colour to one that will work for you! This is easily done at home nowadays in your washing machine (check out this blog when I share my own experiment). But, be aware that any garments which are 100% polyester won’t dye. A blend or mix will, but it won’t have the depth of say 100% cotton.

3. Keep it hung up, unloved and unworn and taking up valuable space.

Delay the decision

I wouldn’t want you to make a rash decision which you’ll later regret. Life’s too short after all! Just ponder it and see how you get on. How does it make you feel if you wear it? Have you noticed any comments about how you look when you’re wearing it? Does it give you joy?

Now, if you’ve still not worn it after 12 months (or a global pandemic for example) then maybe it’s time to reconsider if it’s time to revisit the other two D’s.

Knowing the colours that suit you best and determining how to wear them to achieve a flattering look is the first step of your journey. All my sessions are about helping you to feel good in what you wear. When you don’t, it doesn’t just affect your mood but your overall confidence level and self belief. If it’s time to change things, or you’re not sure what to do next, get in touch and let’s have a chat about starting, or continuing your journey.