Experimenting with detachable collars

I’m not big on being a slave to trends and fashions. But late last year, the detachable collars really caught my eye.

The idea of being able to switch up and smarten up a top really appealed. It was more like an accessory that you wear with your normal clothes and yet transform them so that you look different – especially on zoom!

Oversized, wide, long and pointed, embellished, lace; the array was appealing. Some were like half shirts that sit underneath, others were collars that you just wore round your neck.

Initially I thought it would be something that the creative types would like. As a natural/classic style personality, it wasn’t something which I was convinced I could style up and feel like me in. But, I was really intrigued. So much so, I did some research and bought one online to experiment. I have to say, I really like it! I went for a softer white with a little embellishment so that I could wear it over some sweaters and knitwear. Here’s just three items I tried it with initially.

Detachable collars

Style tips

There’s a few different colours and styles available. Different fabrics too so here’s a few tips from me to consider should you plan on buying into it yourself:


As it’s worn directly next to your face, choose a colour that compliments your skin tone and physical characteristics. For those of you who know the shades of colour that suit you, use your fabric swatches as a guide.

For many, pure white is too harsh so try a soft white or an off white colour as I did.

Triangles (pear shapes)

A wide collar will give the illusion of larger shoulders, which will balance out your hips.

Inverted Triangles

A long, narrow collar will draw the eye in, giving the illusion of smaller shoulders.

Larger Frames

A large collar will balance out your frame.

Short Necks

A long, open collar will elongate the neck.

Large Bust

An open neckline and floaty collar will complement your figure and curves

Where to buy

Amazon, Etsy and EBay have lots of statement collars at very reasonable prices. If you’re happy to buy from China and wait weeks for delivery; then Wish is another option. I found the high street brands and online retailers had a limited supply.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!