Capsule wardrobe workshop – 13 May 2023

Do you love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe but have no idea where to start?

Back by popular demand is this Capsule Wardrobe Workshop which takes place on Saturday 13 May at 1pm.

Join from the comfort of your own home and be guided through the stages involved in creating your own capsule wardrobe. The event lasts 2 hours and takes place via zoom so you’ll need a laptop, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection.

Each participants will each receive a capsule wardrobe workbook via email prior two the event so you can work through it during the session, or in your own time.

By joining this live group workshop, you’ll learn:

✅ The benefits of having a capsule wardrobe.

✅ How to work out the true cost of your garments.

✅ Tips to help you audit your wardrobe successfully.

✅ Guidance to help you analyse and plan your perfect wardrobe.

✅ An example of what’s inside a capsule wardrobe.

✅ Steps to create a capsules wardrobe that works for you.

✅ Checklists to help you assess what you have and identify what you need.

Here’s what some of the previous attendees had to say:

This event has now closed

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