Thanks so much for inviting me to the what to wear workshop.

I found it very useful, as looking at the shop windows I mostly see browns and oranges this season – not great for soft and mostly cool.

It’s great to see all the colours you have found shopping!


Today was fabulous, I really enjoyed it! Telling everyone about it (including my sister)!

It was a great group of people and very interactive which was great, hope I didn’t get too involved haha!


Really enjoyed our time together. I bought a lovely top in blue, perfect colour but when I tried it on, the style wasn’t right. So, I took your advice from the capsule wardrobe workshop and returned it, despite loving the colour because, as you say, I won’t wear it if the style isn’t right for me. Thanks so much for the advice.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and not doing death by powerpoint!  You gave such good practical advice, good examples, and true Yorkshire fashion was very open and honest and you have motivated me to take charge of my clothes/image which is no mean feat!

Before I registered for the capsule wardrobe workshop session I was questioning whether I should or not, but I’m trying to take opportunities that I wouldn’t normally  so registered, and you totally and utterly exceeded my expectations.

It was lovely to see your passion and belief about the topic area, very catching.


Thank you Toni for a wonderful Saturday afternoon spent on your Capsule Wardrobe Workshop. It was friendly, informative and fun. I learned so much not only about my wardrobe but also about my hoarding and purchasing habits. I can’t wait to get started. Your ideas were so simple and practical especially the ‘hanger’ exercise. I feel ready to be harsh and bold!!!


Another fabulous workshop!

Packed with useful advice and information. A lovely group of ladies.

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Off to work on my wardrobe with my capsule wardrobe workbook now!

Highly recommended 😊


Thanks for the session – I really enjoyed it! Definitely learnt a thing or two and I’m going to have to buy a few new things now as I was convinced that darker shades of colour were better for me!


That was absolutely valuable and a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

The workshop was great, relaxed, informative, organised and helped so much being talked through the workbook.

I’ll be performing a wardrobe audit, doing some planning and using the capsule wardrobe checklists to get everything set up and organised.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


We both really enjoyed the makeup session in September and would love to book you for my birthday party.


A huge thank you for today. Ladies feedback from the MY (Mid Yorkshire) Breast Cancer Support Group. Absolutely loved your interaction and knowledge.  They loved getting an identity back. There are ‘Look good feel better‘ tasters with amazing products, but they don’t focus on change of skin, hair colour – any changes etc. People said they had a new palette to start with.  This is huge Toni for inspiration. When you have had one hair colour be it blonde and curly, then comes back gray/black and straight it takes times to readjust. Thank you soooo much for reading each person’s needs and finding solutions in such a short time.  You are amazing and I will certainly recommend  you.


A huge thank you for yesterday. We all had a brilliant time and found the session to be so useful and very helpful. I will now be able to start decluttering my wardrobe and certainly got the time to do it just now too.


Lovely to have you joining us with your tips on makeup colours and application.


A huge thank you for yesterday. We all had a brilliant time and found all the information really enlightening. You made us feel at ease and shared your amazing knowledge about colours and how they work with our external features. Even my husband now ‘gets’ what I was trying to tell him and has offered to take me out shopping for some new pieces to start my colour wardrobe off – he’s a keeper! I would highly recommend you to any of my friends.


Thank you so much for the fab colours and image session. The ladies won’t stop talking about it!


Toni was amazing. She talked us through the different colours and products to use then let us experiment. It was so relaxing but interesting. Would highly recommend!


I came to an event at my friend’s (who always looks lovely after having her colours done by Toni). I was encouraged to stop dying my hair and go au natural. I have and feel so much better for doing soon. I’m also introducing different colours to my wardrobe and developing into another person, who I actually quite like!


Booked Toni for my 2 Birthday (colour) parties this year, it was a special Birthday! On each occasion we all had a great time – truly useful and helpful information and Toni is great and really friendly. Would totally recommend.


Mags & Kathryn

Many thanks for a wonderful morning. We both thoroughly enjoyed your company and the experience. I am so pleased to be able to tell you that Kathryn is very enthusiastic about what she learnt and we have been texting each other all over the weekend!


Thanks Toni, the girls enjoyed their time with you very much and found it really informative


We all had a great time last week when we came to have our colours done. Still getting my head around mine, but I love the (colour swatch) wallet!


As an ambassador for York Fashion Week, I worked with Toni in a fashion event for Debenhams: “Deborah Hirzel Presents Style Confidence”.

Toni gave a fabulous presentation about style confidence to a large audience and was a key part of the evening. Very knowledgeable, engaging and a huge contribution to a very successful event for Debenhams.

Thank you Toni and I look forward to working with you again.