It was really helpful and i packed very well!

I actually felt good in my clothes and got lots of compliments from the other women on tour.

Your session gave me more confidence as well as ideas.

It helped me realise what I need (to pack) and stopped me making impulse purchases while away too.

I need to schedule you in at least once per year!


Last week I had an online wardrobe review with Toni. In a cathartic 3 hour slot we managed to go through my bulging wardrobe and set aside five large bags full of clothes, some of which I’d been holding on to for well over 20 years. Toni’s advice was expertly given and insightful, but all delivered in a gentle, good-humoured and non-judgemental way. It’s a lovely feeling to know that I’ve only kept the things that suit my lifestyle, personality, body-shape and colouring. I’d recommend it to anyone!


Thank you so much for all your help on Tuesday and the useful follow up email. The sort-out felt very cathartic.  I tidyed all the rejects into ‘charity shop’ and ‘sell on ebay’ bags. (Did sneak a couple of bits out of the ‘got to go’ pile 😔 but I’ll make sure that they get the boot if not worn in the next month or two.)


I’ve just had a huge clear out of my non suitable colours following my colour analysis and donated 8 bin liners to charity! I really did look bleak in black


I’ve had a wardrobe clearout (Pitty the charity shops aren’t open) and following your advice, I had a think about what combinations of garments and colours I could wear.

I would like to attend one of your style workshops in the future if you plan another, so do let me know please. Keep up the good work.