Thanks for your inspiration and helping me to sort out my wardrobe.  69 items were discarded. Some to charity and others to my sisters. Yippee.

I love opening my wardrobe and liking what I see. So much easier to decide what to wear.

My sister said I looked stunning when I picked her up. 😃.

Amazed how much better I feel within.

Most of what I dyed came out well, however the dye blackest black turned out dark grey. Just as well it’s one of my colours.

Thanks again and the tips are really useful.


Transformational and extremely valuable!

This was a very clear and visual course and the format meant that I knew what to expect each session which was delivered as described through every stage including a summary of everything at the end of the course.

I have learnt so much and having the tailored style of this delivery really worked for me.

No travel, liked online, time to reflect between each stage and put things into practice.


Thank you for the lovely follow up email with lots of information which I appreciate as there is so much information to take in during a consultation. I have my swatches which I have been using and am getting used to this now – I love the lipstick too and the foundation, thank you.

I have used your style suggestions and I know what to look for now which is marvellous.