I enjoyed the session once I got over my nerves, but what an eye opener! I have removed all the unflattering colours from my wardrobe and with what’s left, am putting them together in ways I had never thought about – wow!

I’ve even cut up a linen skirt that never fitted right to make a waistcoat which will go with some trousers (made for a party last September and worn once) and a t-shirt.

Your point about jogging bottoms bulking my waistline was noted and I bought some M&S jeggings with a high waist which fit comfortably and look smooth across the waist – Thank-you!

I am enjoying making up my face as now I have more idea of how to do it, those eyebrows are wonderful, I look like me again. Overall, I feel like a teenager when I first learned to sew, trying and experimenting, probably going to make some mistakes yet having fun all the same and this is just the start!



Great advice for my body proportions – it’s something I never thought about.

I’ll definitely make more effort with accessories and I know what to be on the look out for when I’m shopping now too


I felt I really learnt a lot today at my style & shape consultation.

I did a little online shop when i got home following your advice and managed to find some high waisted, extra short jeggings which until today, I never knew existed!


I booked a colour and style consultation so I could find out what colours and style of clothes suit me.

I already feel more confident in what to look for which will make shopping more enjoyable.

Extremely valuable – worth the investment!


Thank you so much for today.

It was lovely to meet you and to gain your experience and knowledge on everything about colour, body shape and style personality.

Thank you for updating my colour swatches, as part of the colour review. It was really interesting to see the change after all these years since having ‘my colours done’ previously.

As soon as I got back home, I lifted clothes out of my wardrobe that no longer fit the new dominant warm and have put these to one side to pass on to someone else, who will suit them better or will fit with their style personality.

The information about body shape and style personality is great and I am sure once I’ve read the book, I’ll have tons more questions about this too.


Thank you for the lovely follow up email with lots of information which I appreciate as there is so much information to take in during a consultation. I have my swatches which I have been using and am getting used to this now – I love the lipstick too and the foundation, thank you.

I have used your style suggestions and I know what to look for now which is marvellous.


Toni’s support and advice with colour and style have completely turned my wardrobe around. It is now fully functioning with outfits for all occasions without me having to spend a fortune. Now that I know the right colours and style, I find that I no longer impulse buy and, because everything works so well together, i have more outfits to wear with less clothes than I had before! Toni has definitely helped boost my confidence and my bank balance!


Toni, thank you very much for the colour and style sessions! Now I finally know what flatters me the best.