Your seasonal update material is really useful!

A great reference guide and ideas to try new things out.

I really liked the ‘shop the look’ guide with links to clothes which was so helpful!


I really enjoyed the ‘shop the look’ guide and did buy a dress featured in it – it’s very me, so clearly you’re doing it right!

It’s a great tool for trying something different and new colour combos!

Plus, you’ve done all the work and looking forward to your spring edition!


Your ‘Shop the Look’ guide was excellent. Being specific to my colour palette and references to undertone and body shape as well.

I like the variety of shops, some I wouldn’t have thought of visiting and accessories and suggestions of different ways to wear certain items too.

A lot of information packed into relatively few pages!


Thanks so much for inviting me to the what to wear workshop.

I found it very useful, as looking at the shop windows I mostly see browns and oranges this season – not great for soft and mostly cool.

It’s great to see all the colours you have found shopping!


Thank you very much – I really enjoyed watching your Seasonal Masterclass and found it very useful as a 62 year old wanting to keep up to date but not looking like mutton dresses as lamb! The Seasonal Update is excellent and thanks also for the bonus Seasonal Update.

I love your website always lots of information and enjoy receiving your emails.


Thank you so much for the Seasonal Masterclass.I loved it and it’s really helpful.I definitely will be purchasing again in the future.