I used the (morning light) foundation and eyeshadow today, thank you so much!! Was surprised at how great the foundation felt – not heavy at all.


I’m using and enjoying the makeup. I like the combination you’ve set me off with as it’s natural and not overly heavy at all.


The (morning light) foundation is lovely. Nice texture, spreads and covers well. Would recommend.

The replenishing night cream was lovely, very refreshing and not at all greasy. Would also recommend.


I am loving my new makeup! It’s a very subtle look and I love it for day to day. The yellow primer really is very good for eye bags!!


Thank you! I really enjoyed the makeup masterclass (lesson) and I’ve been practicing too!


Thanks for the magnetic makeup refills, I’ve now got my favourite shades back in my little box!


Lovely to have you joining us with your tips on makeup colours and application.


Toni was amazing. She talked us through the different colours and products to use then let us experiment. It was so relaxing but interesting. Would highly recommend!


I wore both a top in my new colours, plus my makeup in the colours you suggested and I have to say, I looked liked a completely improved version of myself!