Thank you for the capsule wardrobe information, it was great and informative.

I managed to drill down what colours and items I was missing using the table provided in the workbook, it made me think and I was quite surprised with the results.

Following on from that I have decided to wear my posh dress regardless, otherwise it will be a waste!


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and not doing death by powerpoint!  You gave such good practical advice, good examples, and true Yorkshire fashion was very open and honest and you have motivated me to take charge of my clothes/image which is no mean feat!

Before I registered for the capsule wardrobe workshop session I was questioning whether I should or not, but I’m trying to take opportunities that I wouldn’t normally  so registered, and you totally and utterly exceeded my expectations.

It was lovely to see your passion and belief about the topic area, very catching.


Thank you Toni for a wonderful Saturday afternoon spent on your Capsule Wardrobe Workshop. It was friendly, informative and fun. I learned so much not only about my wardrobe but also about my hoarding and purchasing habits. I can’t wait to get started. Your ideas were so simple and practical especially the ‘hanger’ exercise. I feel ready to be harsh and bold!!!


Another fabulous workshop!

Packed with useful advice and information. A lovely group of ladies.

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Off to work on my wardrobe with my capsule wardrobe workbook now!

Highly recommended 😊


That was absolutely valuable and a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

The workshop was great, relaxed, informative, organised and helped so much being talked through the workbook.

I’ll be performing a wardrobe audit, doing some planning and using the capsule wardrobe checklists to get everything set up and organised.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!