How to look good and feel confident in a bikini

The modern bikini as we know it today, is thought to have been introduced on 5 July 1946 by Louis Réard, making it 78 years old this week.

Feeling your best in a bikini is about understanding what suits you. It’s easy to feel anxious, but do bare in mind that generally, people are more concerned with how they look and feel, rather than what you’re wearing!

Don’t let the fear of wearing swimwear stop you from wearing something you’ll look good in. Because, like any garment of clothing, understanding what fits and flatters is key to feeling confident.

There’s three things to consider when choosing a bikini. If you prefer a swimsuit, the same applies.


Anyone who feel subconscious in a bikini, may well opt for black. Unsurprisingly as a colour analysis consultant; black may not be the most flattering shade for you.

Dark colours (including black), are thought to be slimming, but it’s a visual trick. Dark colours absorb light, reducing their appearance and making them appear further away. This is why black is thought to be a slimming colour!

Due to this absorption of light (ie. sunlight), you’re much likely to feel hotter wearing dark colours. Opt for a complimentary colour which will improve your mood and your confidence instead!


Are you a cut-out detail kinda gal, or more frills and flounces? If you’re a lover of print (I’ve talked about patterns here) or not, be sure to choose something that feels like you! Prints can add balance to your proportions, or draw attention to or from an area.

Wearing your style is key to feeling good in what you wear. Check what you’ve already got and how it makes you feel when you wear it. No point going for a neon, cut-out, brazilian cut bikini if you’re more of a polka dot one-piece kinda gal – you won’t feel comfortable or happy.

A beach cover-up like a kaftan, sarong or playsuit is an easy throw on to take you from beach to bar. Plus, it can ‘hide’ any bits you feel conscious of and accentuate your style.


There’s guides online to help you find the right swimwear for your shape, plus you can revisit my blogs here and here. Consider what fits you well. So, if you’re conscious of your tummy area, opt for shape-wear options, like tummy control or ruching. High cuts will add length to your leg area. Wired cups are better if you need more support.

Try not to feel daunted about shopping for a bikini and make sure you give yourself enough time to try them on. Bring them home if you prefer, but do keep the sticker on the briefs and return any which aren’t right for you before the return period expires.

Buy the right colour, right style and right shape for you which fits and flatters and you’ll feel much more confident in your choice.

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