Been inspired after our session and been through my wardrobe yesterday.

I’ve ditched at least half of what I own and found gaps which I have listed. I am now being very organised on what I get.

Thanks again. It feels quite liberating.


I do think having a colour analysis is well worth the investment – especially if I think how much money I’ve spent on fabric which has been stashed away for years.

Toni is lovely and highly recommended if you live t’up North!


I booked a colour and style consultation so I could find out what colours and style of clothes suit me.

I already feel more confident in what to look for which will make shopping more enjoyable.

Extremely valuable – worth the investment!


Really enjoyed the session!

What a difference colour makes!


Many thanks for your time today. The session was super fun, and Ian and myself learnt so much!


Thank you so much for your time this morning. I can’t believe how quickly the time went by.

When I got home and went straight to my wardrobe, I was delighted to see that you were absolutely right! A large chunk of my clothes already fit within my palette and some just need tweaking.

If anything, there are new colours that I have not previously considered.

Very much like the sheer fuchsia lipstick too. Thanks again.


Just a quickie to say a huge thank you for today.

I loved finding my true colours and your passion for the subject and your great advice will be so helpful when looking through my existing wardrobe and also for buying and making clothes in the future.  

The makeup ideas were a real bonus. Very happy and well worth the hours of travel!

Thank you so much 😊🌈


Thank you for putting a spring in my step.

I thoroughly enjoyed having my colours done.

My wardrobe won’t know what’s hit it. It’s going to be fun experimenting with new shades.

I can highly recommend TLC Style & Colour


Had an amazing consultation.

Loved the learnings and how my love of grey, taupe, burgundy and teal make so much sense now!


I really enjoyed  the colour consultation  last week and found it very helpful. It was really useful being guided to see and appreciate  the subtle  differences  in tone between  the different  colour groups;  something  I hadn’t  always  found easy.

The follow-up video this week is great and is giving me lots of ideas for combining the colours I have.

I’ve been looking  through  my wardrobe and the charity bag now has a few more things in!

I wasn’t  sure about some of the colours I had, but as they’re  in my swatch I’m looking at new ways to combine and  accessorise them. I manged to find a way to make the apricot top I brought with me work….I added a short dark brown  beaded necklace and it looked a lot better.

So thanks again for all the help and insight you gave me.


Thank you so much for today.

It was lovely to meet you and to gain your experience and knowledge on everything about colour, body shape and style personality.

Thank you for updating my colour swatches, as part of the colour review. It was really interesting to see the change after all these years since having ‘my colours done’ previously.

As soon as I got back home, I lifted clothes out of my wardrobe that no longer fit the new dominant warm and have put these to one side to pass on to someone else, who will suit them better or will fit with their style personality.

The information about body shape and style personality is great and I am sure once I’ve read the book, I’ll have tons more questions about this too.


Thanks so much for today I loved the colour analysis session. I really wanted to head straight for the shops! I love the make up too 🙂

Looking forward to a new me this year with all of your great help.


I absolutely can’t wait to see what colour combinations I can come I with following your help. It’s one of the things I struggle with putting my different colours together and getting wonderful combinations.

Am finding your emails very informative too!


I can’t thank you enough for the colour analysis and the follow up shopping session. It’s been so so helpful, and I’m going to order a couple of things today. You’ve made me totally reconsider what I’m choosing and actually make me more conscious when I’m shopping.


Thank you for the lovely follow up email with lots of information which I appreciate as there is so much information to take in during a consultation. I have my swatches which I have been using and am getting used to this now – I love the lipstick too and the foundation, thank you.

I have used your style suggestions and I know what to look for now which is marvellous.


Thank you so much for a very enjoyable colour analysis today.

I now understand much better what to look for in colours that work well for me.

I’m happy to accept with your knowledge and easy way of explaining things that I am finally “Cool”!!  I have lots of really nice colours to try out.


I really enjoyed meeting you and having a great colour analysis session.

It was the perfect lift and I felt enthusiastic to go shopping and consider my colour palette!

The make up is great. I will be ordering more!


Thank you so much for the day, I really enjoyed it and learnt so much. It has really changed my shopping habits.

I’ve had a clear out of make-up (long overdue) and feel much more confident with my makeup style now.

In terms of clothes, I have colours I would normally have walked right past and comments when I have worn new clothes have been amazing.

Thank you so much, it was a great experience.


I had a colour consultation with Toni and she was amazing. She helped me understand the best colours for me and got me out of wearing black! Highly recommended.


Really enjoyed the consultation and thinking different about the colours. Getting used to the new makeup routine and seriously considering coming back for a style session.


If you want to feel good in what you wear and want to feel confident wearing something other than black talk to Toni for your own dose of TLC.


Having had my online colour consultation I can highly recommend Toni and TLC Style and Colour. I hadn’t realised quite how much intricacy there is in selecting the right colour. It isn’t just about knowing to wear purple but it is about so many other facets of the colour and Toni really knows her stuff. She helped me to discover the best colours and shades for me and what to do with the clothes I already have that aren’t my colours.


Toni’s support and advice with colour and style have completely turned my wardrobe around. It is now fully functioning with outfits for all occasions without me having to spend a fortune. Now that I know the right colours and style, I find that I no longer impulse buy and, because everything works so well together, i have more outfits to wear with less clothes than I had before! Toni has definitely helped boost my confidence and my bank balance!


Just spent a fascinating time with Toni this afternoon finding out which colours I should be wearing to enhance my natural features. Absolutely brilliant, loved every minute – great fun and Toni really knows her stuff. Great value, don’t hesitate, just book a consultation, I’ve learned loads!



A really enjoyable session and learnt a lot about what colours would suit me, it was a bit of a surprise about what I could wear. It has given me the confidence to look differently at clothes and the colour when shopping.


Thank you so much!! I’m so excited for receiving my wallet and experimenting with my clothes and accessories a bit more!


I had a great time learning about colours. Thank you.

Mags & Kathryn

Many thanks for a wonderful morning. We both thoroughly enjoyed your company and the experience. I am so pleased to be able to tell you that Kathryn is very enthusiastic about what she learnt and we have been texting each other all over the weekend!


The session went so quickly and I learned so much. My colour analysis was a total surprise (as was the fact that my trusty black clothes are not really my friend at all). Worth every penny and will return for my style analysis soon.


Thanks so much for this afternoon- it was great to hear which colours work best for me and to hear your thoughts. I will dress with more confidence now!