We often look to celebrities for a bit of style inspiration. It could be  their clothes, makeup or even the latest celebrity hair styles.

Copying their looks can seem easy but at the end of the day, you’ve still got to look and feel like you.

Lately, there’s been a number of celebrities who have updated their looks, simply by changing the colour of their hair. If you’re thinking of a new look, it’s worth remembering that a drastic change in hair colour can also change the effect of the colour clothes and makeup you wear too.

If you’re following me on Twitter or Facebook, then you might have seen these images already. Let me show you some examples.


Charlize Theron

Has always been an amazing ‘light’ but at a recent Awards outing, she showcased a new dark brown shade. Fans loved it, but I couldn’t help but notice that her overall look didn’t quite follow the dramatic change.

Her makeup was quite simple, apart from a bold lip. Her dress, rumoured to be Dior, was pale blue. This shade would have suited her amazingly well when she was a light blonde, but not as well as a dark brunette. If she’d opted for a brighter and darker shade it would have lifted her look completely. Can you see the difference?

Charlize Theron

Emma Willis

By contrast, Emma recently went from a stunning ‘clear’ to a ‘soft’ when she went blonde. She has toned down her makeup to work with her new hair colour and the best way to keep wearing black as a soft is to wear it away from your face. Her new deal with Next sees her in some good colour combinations for her lighter look.

Emma willis

Julia Roberts

Whilst Julia hasn’t changed her hair, I noticed at the Oscars that she looked a little washed out. The shade of pink she wore wasn’t quite the right shade to compliment her lovely golden looks. She looked a little pale as a result, can you see?

Julia Roberts


Nicole Kidman

Not a recent change, but as a red head she was a classic ‘warm’. Now with her lighter blonde hair, the colour shades of clothes and makeup also need to go lighter.


Nicole Kidman


Colour has such a powerful impact hasn’t it?

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